The Aftermath of an Affair: It’s Cold without You Baby

Trapped in a snow globe

A bubble in time

Wanting to disrobe

From this ugly skin of mine

Thrashing about

Hoping to be freed

Finally let out

Amongst the shattered glass I bleed

I run to find you

But time marched on

When you said we were through

You packed up and were gone

I hang my head

As the wind and tears sting my face

Everything is red

A trail of blood I chase

Repairing the snow globe

To be frozen for all of time

Never again to probe

Beyond what’s rightfully mine

My Love for you was never Ectopic

I tried to knit a life for you

Of fibers that were rare and few

I tried to show a love for you

Like a mother ought to do

I tried but know it wasn’t enough

The tide was high and sea was rough

I tried but all the other stuff

A mother gives was badly scuffed

I tumbled through the crashing waves

A part of me, within a sea of graves

Wake me from this haunted sleep

Where sweet dreams of you will never keep

Take me from this deep, dark place

Of memories and regrets from my yesterdays

I cannot bear never knowing your face

I yearn to be where my unborn angel plays


Gone since October 2003, but never forgotten


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Last Kiss

Just beyond the brink


Like a fever about to sink

Wrapped in an aura

Between dreams


Through the seams

Of the facade

Who we are when we’re alone


The unseen, the unknown

The other side of the mirror

The place we need to be


A new path to set us free

From the brink of eternity

The right here, the right now

Please just tell me how

How am I supposed to breathe

When I’m afraid this love will be freed

With the slightest gasp of surprise

I will realize

You’re truly gone for good

The notion of goodbye is understood

The Higher the Climb the Harder the Fall

Drawing a breath

To fill my lungs

Climbing to death

Upon slippery rungs

Wanting to find

What’s in between

All the space and time

Of the moments we’ve seen

When I touched your face

As you were holding me near

I swear I could trace

I knew I could hear

Your climb to me

And how I needed you so

Truly plain to see

I couldn’t let you go

But I had to learn

To climb higher all alone

I felt the burn

I tried to make it on my own

This ladder is so tall

New rungs added each year

I’m afraid to fall

And that is my fear

It feels like it’s too late

I’m stuck on this rung

Our time was great

But it’s ending has begun

I want to find out

What’s in between

These rungs and the clouds

All the moments we’ve seen

Maybe I’m dreaming

Upon this ladder so tall

The moonlight is beaming

Come catch my fall

A Change for the Better

Please forgive this wayward heart of mine

Boomeranging for the second time

I fell in love

But it wasn’t enough

To change the outlook for my darkened soul

Time’s doing the healing

I know the feeling

I won’t hold my breath

And wait for death

To change the way our story unfolds

Nothing’s going to change this heart of mine

No matter what it will be just fine

You hurt me before

And we boarded up that door

To change the warm into the cold

My love for you remained dormant through each passing season

Alive again, this love is without rhyme or reason

So my wayward heart found its way back home to you

And my darkened soul will be light again, it’s true

To change the way the story of us will be told

January 21, 2001

It was freezing cold this morning, a bit before sunrise

It was freezing cold between us, but that was no surprise

I went and sat out on the porch, in my dad’s rocking chair

It used to be his father’s, not that you would care

I tried to find my love for you, in the midst of the snowy winter bright

For once, I didn’t miss your arms around me, even in the middle of the night

Maybe someday you will grow up and grow tired of your own damned ways

As I sat on the porch in the rocking chair, I felt saddened in that early dawn place

I am carrying your child, and it’s not an easy task

Someday I will tell him about you, if he should ask

For now, my former love, he is all that I have and all that I know

I feel I’ve missed love’s eternal light, and I feel unnecessarily alone

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Thank You Once Again!

Posted on April 7, 2012

I want to thank David Eric Cummins of The Noise of Silence for the 7X7 Link Award!  Everyone check out David’s wonderful poetry! :)

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I have always wanted to live in California and often cannot sleep because I am afraid to wake up disappointed that I am still stuck here in New Jersey.

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Love Story

protectively, he holds her heart in glory

a little girl stretches across her daddy’s lap

as he tells her the story

one meeting of the eyes and it was total captivation

two souls ever so fine-tuned

to the knowledge that it wasn’t some simple fascination

love at first glance

it was given a chance

and a little girl breathed life

and a daddy lost his wife

still, the child grew to know

just how much her mommy loved her so

because the man who was born to love her

came into the woman’s life and gave her the most precious gifts of all

his love and a baby girl

and he taught the little girl that love never dies

and could never stall

and that her mommy was in peace

and that he was sorry that he couldn’t catch her final fall

the little girl’s long dark mane spread across her father’s lap

he smiled and as he gazed at her

she was fast asleep for her daily two-hour nap


Sunlight falls just beyond my window pane

And the colors mute down to blue

I shut my eyes and yet the stain

Of an ocean that drowned us two

Clings to my everything

And I remain silent and still

Waiting for the night to come

In your arms I was able to see

Everything except you and me

But the glow of a fire

Burning bright and reaching higher

Cannot ever compare

-Although you probably don’t care-

To the embers that now fill my mind

And my soul leads me to find

Blue everywhere shining through

Everything- but you

No longer care that I do

And the embers that I see in the twilight

Of a November eve

Make me teary-eyed for that night

In the summit of how I believe

When I first saw blue

When I first saw you

And may it be so kind

That the color be forever

Frozen in my mind