Sunlight falls just beyond my window pane

And the colors mute down to blue

I shut my eyes and yet the stain

Of an ocean that drowned us two

Clings to my everything

And I remain silent and still

Waiting for the night to come

In your arms I was able to see

Everything except you and me

But the glow of a fire

Burning bright and reaching higher

Cannot ever compare

-Although you probably don’t care-

To the embers that now fill my mind

And my soul leads me to find

Blue everywhere shining through

Everything- but you

No longer care that I do

And the embers that I see in the twilight

Of a November eve

Make me teary-eyed for that night

In the summit of how I believe

When I first saw blue

When I first saw you

And may it be so kind

That the color be forever

Frozen in my mind


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