June 7, 2001

When is my heart going to stop breaking?

All of the time you spent forsaking

My feelings for you and you did the taking

Of all the love we could have been making

Instead of breaking…


I sleep alone in bed at night

I thought you’d always be there holding me tight

I peek out the window to see the stars quit shinning bright

The too have given up without a fight

But soon enough the day will turn into night


I will never forget

Just when we met

A broken dream leaves me upset

I tell our son, please don’t you fret

I don’t think you daddy’s ever going to forget


Someday soon love will return to me

I am not quite sure how it’s going to be

And the changes I need to make, we’ll soon see

But this boy is the greatest gift and his love is free

Which is all right with me

This little boy’s love is all right for me


4 thoughts on “June 7, 2001

  1. Thank you. I wrote that poem a few months after having my son in 2001. His father and I were separated from the time I was 28 weeks pregnant. It was a lonely time but I couldn’t complain because I had my beautiful son.

  2. Thanks….yes, it was very trying….I wrote it in 2001 when I was separated from his dad…I was essentially a single mom, as we split up when I was 28 weeks pregnant….we divorced after my son was born.

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