Love Story

protectively, he holds her heart in glory

a little girl stretches across her daddy’s lap

as he tells her the story

one meeting of the eyes and it was total captivation

two souls ever so fine-tuned

to the knowledge that it wasn’t some simple fascination

love at first glance

it was given a chance

and a little girl breathed life

and a daddy lost his wife

still, the child grew to know

just how much her mommy loved her so

because the man who was born to love her

came into the woman’s life and gave her the most precious gifts of all

his love and a baby girl

and he taught the little girl that love never dies

and could never stall

and that her mommy was in peace

and that he was sorry that he couldn’t catch her final fall

the little girl’s long dark mane spread across her father’s lap

he smiled and as he gazed at her

she was fast asleep for her daily two-hour nap


4 thoughts on “Love Story

  1. Oh man (sorry, Oh Eva), this tugged my heart. Beautifully crafted, brimming with emotions, love and sweet memories. Great job dear. Luv and hugz specially for you, Eric

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