My Love for you was never Ectopic

I tried to knit a life for you

Of fibers that were rare and few

I tried to show a love for you

Like a mother ought to do

I tried but know it wasn’t enough

The tide was high and sea was rough

I tried but all the other stuff

A mother gives was badly scuffed

I tumbled through the crashing waves

A part of me, within a sea of graves

Wake me from this haunted sleep

Where sweet dreams of you will never keep

Take me from this deep, dark place

Of memories and regrets from my yesterdays

I cannot bear never knowing your face

I yearn to be where my unborn angel plays


Gone since October 2003, but never forgotten


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10 thoughts on “My Love for you was never Ectopic

  1. yah, was the only pregnancy I planned…I have 3 beautiful cildren but can’t shake the memory of the joy,(of finding out I was pregnant) and then sorrow,(from finding out it was ectopic) from the tubal pregnancy I had.

  2. Oh my dear, I know this pain… I share it. Sending comfort and love, and a poem I wrote last September, entitled ‘Fourth’ (for my fourth pregnancy ):

    Heart that beat
    Now is stopped.
    Unmolded feet
    Will never stand, or fall,

    Hands not formed
    Never grow to touch;
    Body that I warmed
    Now cold and still.

    A thousand tears, yet my heart resigned;
    A whispered ‘sorry’ and ‘goodbye’ entwined.
    Little maybe that never became a ‘me’
    Stilled forever, but in my heart will be.

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