The Aftermath of an Affair: It’s Cold without You Baby

Trapped in a snow globe

A bubble in time

Wanting to disrobe

From this ugly skin of mine

Thrashing about

Hoping to be freed

Finally let out

Amongst the shattered glass I bleed

I run to find you

But time marched on

When you said we were through

You packed up and were gone

I hang my head

As the wind and tears sting my face

Everything is red

A trail of blood I chase

Repairing the snow globe

To be frozen for all of time

Never again to probe

Beyond what’s rightfully mine

19 thoughts on “The Aftermath of an Affair: It’s Cold without You Baby

  1. I could only imagine nothing but a complete freeze out from the person who got cheated on, thus the idea of the snow globe. Thanks for the compliments you have given my work today 🙂

  2. read all you want…I am just honored that you like my blog…that anyone even comments or takes a look means a lot to me. I just write to keep sane and not become bored with myself.

  3. LOL I won’t judge … poetry is not as rigid as prose. If I see something glaring I’ll just gently whisper in your ear, so you can change it. So far I have seen nothing to critique negatively in your prose … relax honey! lol

  4. In the erotic stories I write, there could be some dialogue where someone says “gonna” or “I dunno” or anything like that because I try to write like people tend to speak. I’ll relax!

  5. “…..a snow globe…a bubble in time….”

    For me, I detect breadcrumbs you’ve left behind for those who care to follow.

    Withdrawing behind a hard but translucent globe of ice – hard, meaning betrayals harden you; translucent, meaning other suitors can see you for what you are, pure and sustaining as solid water; a globe, meaning a perfect never ending shape of life and love. And made of ice – let a true warm lover appear and see how you melt in his arms…in time. Until then, you’ll remain a bubble

    Then you went on to elaborate. I wonder whether you meant all of these – but these are what I see – you’ve really packed ‘em, Eva

    Luv this, Eric 🙂

  6. Eric,
    Thank you for the compliment. I tried to sum it up to show I was taking on the role of the one who betrayed the trust…the snow globe was my way of saying the person who got betrayed froze out the betrayer, and then chose to remain there forever as a way to make sure that line couldn’t be crossed again. From being shut out to voluntary isolation. Anyway, I do hope someday the warmest of lovers comes my way 🙂

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