Mysteriously, the  light of your smile
Warms my soul and breaks my heart
It has been quite a while
As the time comes apart
Time is enslaved
To sunrises and sunsets
Your handprint, engraved
My heart holds no regrets
You’re a transfixed memory
Which time shuts down
How I fight to remember thee
With color and sound

Shooting Star

The other side
Of where we are
Where we were
Shooting star
Myths made
About your glow
Space and time
To feel and know
Traveling light
The in between
Nothing lasts
Mirror gleam
Gone the trail
Blazing above
Out it went
Like our love


The ease of the night doesn’t flow

In the breathless sorrow

Of heartache

The traffic moves

Tears trace my fingers grooves

Sleep, I fake

So afraid to breathe

With each breath

Our love is freed

Gone now is my old car

So, our last kiss travels far

The curve of my spine

Holding in what is mine

Please don’t set it free

This love that’s crushing me

At least I have the pain

Something to sustain

In the thick midnight air

Love exists even if you don’t care

I won’t let it be marred

From your heart I am barred

Nothing left to say

To make love come my way

Curled up in a ball

Wishing you would call

Tears collect in my finger grooves

My mind, it disapproves

That your hand isn’t holding mine

In a passionate recline

Oh this love, don’t set it free

As I squeeze my eyes shut to feign sleep

Hold my breath and be still

Love is trapped within my soul’s windowsill


Smug as a Bug in a Rug

As smug as a bug in a rug,
And there it was,
You, a little man,
You ran,
And jumped right into that infested canal
Of some horrid harpy, gasp, I think it’s a gal.
I’m told you’re the fool.
Yet, the ocean was too cool,
That this hurricane of love
Inside my heart wasn’t enough.
The hours I counted back,
Tick and tock, got off track,
Lost in a sea of blue,
Never to find that which was you.
Your counterfeit affection,
Was masterful deflection.
Go on and continue being smug as a bug in a rug,
Because you’ve drowned yourself in that hole you’ve dug.

Watering Hole

Show a little mercy
Let your light immerse me
Show a little mercy
The drinking gods all curse me
I’m drowning in a shattered love
I can’t wish upon the grimy ceiling fans above
I’m not leaving this bar until I’ve drank enough
To numb the ache inside, or to be free of
Some here for business, some seeking sinful pleasure
This pretty little lady isn’t going to be a new found treasure
I think I was thrown back in time
I’m catching a buzz in a shanty of slime
Please, Lord, in here I’ve paid indulgences for my soul
Erase this love from my heart and get me out of this watering hole

Our House is for Sale

Love within was strong, unwavering, and wild.

I can’t forsee a time when this ache will seem so mild.

Time, at first, appeared so distant from pain,

As memories, now, patina my heart with a somber stain.

The rooms here feel a dingy brown,

A murky atmosphere of intrigue for the town.

I feign a half-hearted smile.

The tears have backed off for the while,

As I plan my escape route,

As I wish my heart a deaf mute,

Never knowing of that which balls me up inside,

Never choosing fight or flight, run or hide.

I wish you’ll never know

How love could hurt you so.

But this pain is all I feel,

And the agony is profoundly with me every day,

Even when I hear the uninhabitable words you say.

Our life, the script you write,

Our love, the roaring blight,

Where the words are true,

As true as the facade is blue,

And as real as the sun that shines.

For us, the tie that binds,

A dream here ends, forever more.

Beauty abandoned upon a laminate floor.