Watering Hole

Show a little mercy
Let your light immerse me
Show a little mercy
The drinking gods all curse me
I’m drowning in a shattered love
I can’t wish upon the grimy ceiling fans above
I’m not leaving this bar until I’ve drank enough
To numb the ache inside, or to be free of
Some here for business, some seeking sinful pleasure
This pretty little lady isn’t going to be a new found treasure
I think I was thrown back in time
I’m catching a buzz in a shanty of slime
Please, Lord, in here I’ve paid indulgences for my soul
Erase this love from my heart and get me out of this watering hole


2 thoughts on “Watering Hole

  1. When I read your poem, these words sprang forth – for you:

    You step out of this watering hole.
    The wet dripping away your sorrows.
    Cleansed to start life anew.
    This is what I wish for you.
    Eva, you special child, go forth, be brave.
    HE watches over you. Of this, I know.

    Peace and blessings to a dear friend,

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