The ease of the night doesn’t flow

In the breathless sorrow

Of heartache

The traffic moves

Tears trace my fingers grooves

Sleep, I fake

So afraid to breathe

With each breath

Our love is freed

Gone now is my old car

So, our last kiss travels far

The curve of my spine

Holding in what is mine

Please don’t set it free

This love that’s crushing me

At least I have the pain

Something to sustain

In the thick midnight air

Love exists even if you don’t care

I won’t let it be marred

From your heart I am barred

Nothing left to say

To make love come my way

Curled up in a ball

Wishing you would call

Tears collect in my finger grooves

My mind, it disapproves

That your hand isn’t holding mine

In a passionate recline

Oh this love, don’t set it free

As I squeeze my eyes shut to feign sleep

Hold my breath and be still

Love is trapped within my soul’s windowsill



8 thoughts on “Tomb

  1. Any decent person that reads this, would want to just give you a friendly hug, and tell you to not despair over a cold, caustic heart. That the hurt and heartache you have felt will fade, that you have your immediate family, they love and care about you deeply, and are there to catch you should you fall, or feel weak, or need to lean on someone. What you have, is so much greater than what you have lost, with him.
    P.S. Given the lateness of the hour, I can be one of the first to wish you a very happy Mother’s day, and hope all goes well today !!!

  2. The first weeks and months are the worse – but it gets better with every breath. But that is a slow painful healing process.

    If fictional – you captured the emotions well. If drawn from real life experiences, the turmoil and inner conflict are palpable.

    You have my prayerful wishes always,

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