Chasing the Horizon

Between the hands of the clock,
That’s where my sunshine exists.
The comfort of taking stock
In the moment is hard to resist.
A tear traces the lines of my face,
And trapped within its fall,
Time we cannot replace,
Rewind, pause, or stall.
I reach out for your hand,
As memories lore me back
To the pink Bermuda sand~
Tick and tock neatly stack.
Our forever is a blue sea.
I travel it in my dreams.
So near, a distant memory,
But clouds diffuse the sun beams.


4 thoughts on “Chasing the Horizon

  1. I like the implied visuals here; mental snapshots of a wonderful vacation, long ago, never forgotten, memories frozen in between time, as the clock moves forever forward.

  2. Time slips away, leaving behind memories of its passing – these words whispered as I journeyed down your poetry.

    Enjoyed your poem, Eva dear.

    Peace and blessings,

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