Arcane Affliction

Tormenting rain beats down 
And cautions my shrouded pain
With each lashing, I’m unbound
Polite actions merely feigned
Distant memories I cannot treasure
Remain still through awkward uprise
Reluctantly in regret I measure
Every day’s blistering sunrise
The sky cloaked in drab attire
No matter how majestic the sun
First you, now I am a liar
Disguising this dying that’s begun

5 thoughts on “Arcane Affliction

  1. Putting on a brave smile – while being eaten alive within

    Very well versed, Eva dear – enjoyed the read but reflecting on the theme.

    Peace and blessings,

  2. Been caught up in a sluggish sadness but they say dake it till ya make it and so any happy face I put in is in hopes of having the feeling permanently stick around.

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