Schuyler Smiles

A tear slips from my eye
As a dying star’s goodbye
And casually traces my face
And the glow it seeks to erase
A brisk prayer of hope
Done with such scope
That she’ll always love me
Giving a hug and a smile for free
Pondering this beauty I’ve known
Looking almost fully grown
In our pool, a splash and a twirl
She said she’s still a little girl
Then her honesty cuts right through me
As she says “I love you” to me
The tear dried in the sun
A mother’s heart, fully won

4 thoughts on “Schuyler Smiles

  1. What a beautiful poem. It’s good that you have such a connection with your kids. I honestly don’t get parents who can’t relate or who are distant with their children. Your daughter sounds like an angel.

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