The Fiction-Box

This little tale bubbled at the surface of my brain this morning and is based on my perception of my favorite WordPress family member and friend, Eric Alagan. I advise you to follow him and you can thank me later:

The Fiction-Box

Eric grew tired of keeping his nose to the grindstone. Day in and day out, he worked as an aerospace engineer. He was of superior intellect, but often,  his mind wandered off, far and away from his elevons and ruddervators. He’d lift off into a world supported by zero-gravity within his imagination, where, at his desk, he’d create works of fiction, so powerful and light, that readers are left weakened and heavy by the beauty of his words. 
At his desk on an early evening, he drew plans for an idea that came to him in one of his lucid dreams. He, sitting behind a small desk, encased by glass, with glowing lights, reminiscent  of his childhood days of popping coins into a jukebox to hear the songs highlighted within a post-war epoch. The boss, a kid he trained up, would come befuddled that Eric wasn’t digital blueprinting with the state- of-the-art computer programs available at his fingertips, but applaud him for creating the top-treasure born of Eric’s mesmerizing imagination. The young manager, while knowing Eric is a gift to the aerospace technology world, also sees a storyteller whose talent rises beyond the stars.
The evening passed into night, and many evenings and nights went by, as Eric progressed from his blueprints to his masterpiece, the fiction-box. It was a sturdy, 1950’s American Diner-Nouveau jukebox, with a spin: a place for him to write a story for a bunch of coins. The design was alluring, eye-catching, if you will. There, enclosed, sat Eric, behind a desk with a computer, and for a pocket full of rockets, he’ll lift your imagination to new heights. The stories would be printed at the front of the fiction-box.  This magical enclave sat in a family eatery near the coast, just as an old-fashioned jukebox. Here, drawing worldwide fan-fare, Eric spent the remainder of his days enveloped in his mind’s eye.



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  1. I don’t know what I’ve done or said to deserve such a beautiful write-up, my dear. You humble me so – and in a nice way, if I might add.

    Thank you, Eva dear – for your kindness, generosity and friendship – I shall always treasure them.

    I had a particulary horrible evening at a meeting yesterday – and re reading this post this morning, made matters a lot better. Thank you for being the tonic.

    You have my love and respect always.

    Your friend,

  2. Eric,
    What you’ve done for me is so precious to me. You’ve inspired me to want to become a better writer and you’ve set my imagination ablaze by sharing yours! Your prescence on my blog page, your comments, your likes, have made me feel so lucky that a writer of your caliber could even bother with my little scraps of creativity.

    I am sorry about the meeting and wish you never had to deal with things unpleasant, and if my tale of you helped you out in any way, I am honored.

    God bless you and thank you for being a source of light around here.


  3. Me too, another Eric Alagan’s fan. Has followed his blog all the time. But the story you spin on him is truly inspirational and imaginative. You have a way of weaving words to make this write up so beautiful. Like this posting very much.
    P.S. With all this applaud, hope it doesn’t get into Eric’s head.. heh..heh..

  4. Thank you so very much.

    Eric inspires me…I wish I had a tenth of his talent.
    I think the invention in my story should be created…some sort of computerized question and answer and for a price, a story. With Eric being an engineer, I figured he’d be just the guy to do it.

  5. Reblogged this on Written Words Never Die and commented:

    Thank you – Eva

    Since I started blogging, I became acquainted with people from all over the word – 146 countries, to be exact. It has been and continues to be a pleasure reading many wonderful blogs. I’ve come to know people as best as is possible within the limitations of a platform such as WordPress.

    My regular visitors are aware of my Monthly Blog Pick where I highlight blogs and personalities who impressed with their consistent quality of post. Actually, there are so many enthralling blogs, but as I present only one blog a month – the queue (in no order of merit, I hasten to add) continues to grow.

    I was therefore struck dumb – but true to my impersonation as a writer, only momentarily, if I might add – when Eva, thejerseygal, blogging as gabrielsfury – did a take on me. Wow!

    I’ve ‘known’ Eva for more than 18 months, almost since I first started blogging in end 2011. She is a sweet soul brimming with emotions, love and sadly, hurt. She has endured some very traumatic and heart wrenching life events and continues to be buffeted by soulless people who seem to take some devilish pleasure in tormenting her. Obviously, these people have not walked in Light.

    I do encourage you to visit gabrielsfury, read and relish her poems. It is amazing that one who has been so badly betrayed, continues to shine light on her friends. It is my honour to considered her friend.

    Eva, dearest, I love you for what you are and respect you for how you hold your head high.


  6. Hey thejerseygal I love this piece for it echoes my, and I’m sure that of many other’s, thoughts. Your writing displays your personal talent and lauded Eric in a poetic beautiful way – congratulations! But while we are complementing Eric let us not forget those hilarious and enjoyable brothers Grinn, – don’t they deserve mention? Seriously though, thank you for this heartfelt writing, I wish that I had penned it.
    I am sure that you, Eric, will read this, so know that I ditto all thejerseygal’s comments and thoughts; you are an inspired writer and a lovable blog persona. Aeronautical engineering could not have had a better representative!
    Cheerio, Jane.

  7. Thank you, Jane. The Brothers are Eric’s fantastic idea and I wouldn’t want to ruin them with my quirky sense of humor. I had an idea for a story where I mention them without using their full likeness, but just a bit to try to make Eric giggle and blush. He’d find it someday on my other blog. I don’t like using others ideas, plagiarism comes to mind, but writing a story about slapstick humor-filled Brothers interactions at a strip club, come to mind quite often.
    Thanks for the lovely compliments!


  8. Eric,
    I wrote another (clean) story. I only posted in it your comments. I wrote using the Brothers likenesses, but I do not ever wish to steal anyone’s ideas ever. I wrote it just to humor you. I thought about it for my other blog, but feel strongly that you are a classy guy and I shouldn’t ruin these characters you’ve created with my smut…nor do I wish to plagiarize.
    You have been a loyal and kind and generous friend. I am humbled, truly, by your words. Yes, I have been through some tough times, but I have found strength and hope, and light around here, of all places and especially from you. All I can ever think is that you are the friend, brother, neighbor I wish I had in the real world. You are intelligent, creative, and kind. I find humor and wonderment in your blog, as well as inspiration. I cannot express enough how much I look up to you. And in return, you are so humble and gracious. I love you for who you are and how you respond to me and others here on WordPress.
    Again, sending you great big hugs!

  9. This tale captures the essence of struggle, but also the hopefulness felt by writers who sit behind the wrong desk. I know.

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