Reflection, Dejection

Time has slipped away

beyond the walls of the shower

transcended by another day

a total loss of power

What uncontrollable emotions break free

I do not know

Surrounded like a bludgeoned enemy

wounded from head to toe

Court-martialed and set to sentence

the only judge is me

Self-pitied with all the world’s repentence

I’m begging for a jury

I let my life disappear

because I am a coward

No time to lose the fear

of being scourged and scoured

What did the world see

in this lonely, little, sad-soul-eyed,

tired, and hopeless me

Time’s wasted and bitter bride












8 thoughts on “Reflection, Dejection

  1. Time does tend to slip away
    Keeping up can be a chore
    Where there were hot breaths
    Now, gentle kisses
    Where there were clothes torn asunder
    Now, fingers intertwine
    Keeping up with time — can be a chore

    Your lovely and raw poem provoked this response, Eva dear. I hope you did not mind me sharing my thoughts here.

    Peace and blessings,

  2. The kindness of the years is ours to choose. With today we mold tomorrow, our moments now, the thoughts of yesterday. Sending you soft shadows in the moonlight …

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