Love in Sleepwalking’s Time

The fog clings about the foothills
And dresses a wounded heart
This isn’t a welcomed bandage
Its density echoes a time apart
I wave through the thick, white air
As if I were walking through a web
A swirl of precipitation surrounds me
Your soul drifts away in its ebb
Unshackled from a painful past
In the sunrays, warm and pale
Now here I stand gazing lovingly upon
A groom lifting his bride’s veil

10 thoughts on “Love in Sleepwalking’s Time

  1. Thank you, Eric. It was based on a dream I had last night. Lately, feelings have been bubbling to the surface. Rotten marriage made for some poetry, it seems
    I know your creative well is never dry…but mine tends to dry up when I am overwhelmed by extreme hurt.

  2. And that’s what I like about writing, or even viewing other kinds of art…the layers we can peel away, and stand in awe of a beautiful whisper told to the world.

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