The night air will not swaddle me
In a thick, warm blanket tonight
Traveling with you through the Plains
In truth, it’s a lulling sleep I fight
As the radio fades in the distance
You’re all my dreams come to life
Yet, I’m awake and in so much pain
My star, your distance, a bloody knife
We drive to an empty field
Grab the blanket and gaze up high
Stretched back, you kiss my lips
A tear slips from my eye
The light from Earth’s crowning heavens
As wondrous as it seems
Can never out measure our love
In my lucid, starry night dreams 

30 thoughts on “Orion

  1. What a wonderful poem, one filled with lovely visuals and emotions! You have a gift, and your wonderful passages are the result. I look forward to reading more of your prose and poetry.
    Take care,
    PS On Eric’s excellent site, Written Words Never Die, he mentioned that you post on this site as well as Lucid Velvet Musings. Is that correct? I’m a tad confused. do you blog on three different personas? Thank you in advance for clarifying.

  2. Hello Paul,
    Please let me begin by saying that your paintings are so full of life and heart… If I had $1700 I’d but that lovely beach one.
    Thank you for such a wonderful compliment! Most of the poems were born of raw emotion and writing is so cathartic for me
    I have two blogs, gabrielsfury…for poetry, mostly, and some prose…and then there’s lucidvelvetmusings for the erotica I write. None of which has any base in reality, for had I had any sirt of life as such, I’d have nothing to write as my time would be spent otherwise LOL
    I, too, am a fan of Eric, and consider him a good friend here.
    Thanks again!

  3. Another beautiful poem with a lovely theme, Eva dear. I love how you switch from dream/illusion to reality and back. Keep them coming 🙂

    I see that Paul took the suggestion in my recent post and came here. That’s the way he is – a generous and ever supportive soul. He, like you, is a wonderful and sensitive friend. He also read your lucidvelvetmusings and, after reading, took a cold shower 😆

    I used to blush after reading your ‘early’ posts. Hilarious – my reaction – when I recall.

    Glad the two of you connected. Let’s build community, I say.

    Much luv and peace,

  4. Eric,
    Thank you for catching on…i worried it was unclear, the blurred lines of awake and dreaming. Thank you for stopping by, and liking my poem…it means so much to me that you comment on my blog.
    I owe you a huge round of thanks for the new followers I have, including Paul. I hope my other blog didn’t scare him away! I love his paintings. I enjoyed reading about his beachfront journey with his wife…his story echoed his paintings
    I agree. This community can be so inspiring and a blessing for all within.

    All my adoration and a big hug for you

  5. Superb post ,the ending of the poem is lovely.Thank you for liking my post.Jalal

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, just went with the flow and rhythm of it, liking the imagery a lot!
    Beautiful and eerie, also! (or hauntingly longing)

  7. Hi Eva~ (can I call you that, or is it it reserved for our dear friend Eric?) 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by my site, and for visiting my blog. I am elated that you enjoyed my paintings. Thank you! Now that I live in an old farm house, replete with a huge barn, there isn’t any reason why I shouldn’t get my buttocks in there and start painting again. But then, there are all these wonderful blogs to read, like yours!

    I enjoyed your repartee with Mr. Alagan, and I couldn’t agree more; that the more we share and chat and comment, the better the community shall become.

    I just wanted to comment again on the lovely, haunting poem above, one tinged with Melancholia, yearning, heartache, yet filled with hope as well. I love it during the winter here, when we get to gaze skyward and witness Orion’s ascent in the heavens. That constellation holds something mysterious for me, and I can’t quite put a finger on it. (But I guess it has for sundry folk–like the Egyptians–hence their formation of the pyramids.)

    Anyway, take good care and just so you know, you did not scare me away with your other blog. I found your erotica to be quite titillating and sensual, and I look forward to reading more, from all your blogs.

    Take care, and I’ll see your comments on Eric’s site soon, I’m sure…
    Paul 🙂

  8. It reads, beautifully, like a part I (or II) to ‘Cloud Nine?’ Very lovely indeed 🙂

  9. Wow! A cornucopia of riches! An intriguing site to say the least.

    And it was such a nice surprise to find that you have chosen to follow my “Randa Lane…” blog:


    “Randa Lane…” is now devoted entirely to haiku, tanka, other short verse forms, and occasional humor pieces.

    I love your work and will check in often to watch you weave your magic.

    Best Success,


  10. I love your mix of visceral imagery and spacey imagery, you are the fusion queen…so you have my permission to change your name to that.

  11. It’s always evolving, books, ideas but you will get there and all the chopping and changing will have been worth it!

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