Drifting through a hazy net
The sun sneaks by the roses
Forgotten morning prayers absolved
I sneer at the grace He shows us
The day begins with clouds and dew
In my realm, the sun struggles to be freed
This early baptism of nature beckons
Anointed ones, take heed
A gown of mist surrounds my feet
And I wear its color well
I clip a red rose from the vine
Christ’s love, its beauty tells
Pierced my finger, a crimson tide
Then a tear slips from my eye
Advising me to be a faithful soul
To give light one more try

39 thoughts on “Illumination

  1. This poem starts off by whispering of despair – but ends with the resound call for hope. Every failure brings one closer to success – and God does not give us a burden we are not built to carry.

    One more try – yes 🙂

  2. Hmm, I’m not so sure. I have tried, but I wasn’t overly happy with what I produced. I may have another go 🙂

  3. Thank you! I find that writing dialogue comes naturally to me. I think the key is to not worry about it sounding ‘informal’ and then it just flows 🙂

  4. Wonderful thoughts .Words that paint a picture.Thank you for liking my post (Are you afraid of the truth.) Have a nice day.jalal

  5. There is so much in this poem to relish and absorb, many layers to uncover and discover different shades of meaning. For instance, the spot of red blood from the finger prick becoming a crimson tide; a single tear, not of sorrow but of encouragement and hope. The early baptism of nature, the mention of the anointed ones. Beautiful writing.

  6. Forgot to say, i like your poem’s “titles”, i don’t think i got that yet , this word or 2 that relate to the poem without saying it all am still struggling with English (first languages being arabic and french), but i feel words flow is much simpler in english i like that.

  7. Your English is good! And I usually write the poem and then give the title and it’s basically the aura of the poem…sometimes the crap on the fringe or fray of the meaning. Thank you, again

  8. Yeah i am trying to do that now, i used to just take a line from the poem, but that sometimes gives away too much and sometimes it does give anything at all. so yeah agreed, agreed on the “crap” part too ( i had to google “fringe” 🙂

  9. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I struggle with faith because I see, hear and feel so much pain and suffering and then I see something so breathtakingly beautiful, I can but wonder why I struggle.

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Its like ring a rosies at times right? Stable sturdy and steadfast are hard to achieve sometimes! We live and learn though 😉 And grow stronger and wiser in it all.

  11. Yes, I get that from your words – it comes through well. That is what the Faith journey can be like at times. Hence my comment 😉 It takes time to look past the crap and look to the moments when it is almost tactile.

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