Cloud Nine?

Marshmallow blanket rendered
Tenacity about my feet
As what dreams surrendered
Before we gray daylight meet
Let me wake from this dream
And stare you down for truth
You are not as you seem
Gin and tonic’s icy couth
That which did attract
Will wax and wane
I can’t add then subtract
My feelings to sustain
The green of the trees
Nature’s bounty, summer’s day
Fades into a fawny breeze
Still, I’ll kick the blanket away

20 thoughts on “Cloud Nine?

  1. Faith, hope, and dreams, my struggles with each….venturing out is a fear. I don’t like being alone. I’ll take my kids with me, rarely a friend, but alone, I’ll live here in my room until someone promises me no pain.

  2. Hello Eva,

    At one level – the dread of the morning-after-the-night-before. At another level, a wondrous dream threatened by the advance of day ready to pull off the blanket and drag one into harsh reality. Most of all it speaks of disappointment and fear – yet, the courage to confront the inevitable stepping out into Life.

    This is what your poem said to me. Your words – but this is how I savoured them.

    Much luv, peace and blessings,

  3. Thank you, Eric for stopping by and offering your view…and yes, the levels in the poem, I tend to like not having just one meaning. The disappointment, the distrust, mingled with a dreamy, soft blanket…before the light of day.
    I enjoying reading what you think about my poems.

  4. I loved the flow of this one, I was going to equate it to a stream playing over rocks but your allusion to a G&T makes me think of that instead. A new day, a new dawn, you are wonderful writer.

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