Shadows fading across the wall
For I find your glow is pure
It wraps my soul like a shawl
And fastens as a brooch, secure
Rendezvous with you
It would be nice
Hesitations seem few
I’ll roll the dice
You like my smile and my rhyme
Set on a page
Separated by distance and time
In a digital age
It’s the wanting to feel alive
From across the miles
Through you my soul will thrive
And adorn my face with smiles
The flame may flicker at summer’s end
When the leaves lose their fresh tone
 You’ll find me again with a click of send
Underneath my blanket, all alone
I’ll wait for your light
To guide me beyond the darkened day
And even in the night
I’ll remember shadows never stay

32 thoughts on “Lantern

  1. Shadows of my life – one can be anything when one is Shadow. You might want to check this out >

    Shadow never ages, keeps one company but never takes up space, never leaves you. Depending on time of day, Shadow follows or leads your way. You can step on him, ignore him – he will always remain with you. Do what you like – he will never tell on you – never judge. All you have to do, is turn off the light – and he goes away, hiding in anticipation. Switch the light on – and he returns – on demand. A slave and your true and everlasting friend.

    – Shadow –

  2. Eric, again, beautifully said, and such true words.
    Please forgive me. I am tipsy. I had a tough week and needed to unwind lol
    I swear, you give me so much food for thought. Your words, inspiring, but never can I ever dream to be as eloquent a writer as you and shadows, well, they still freak me out! xo

  3. ‘Separated by distance and time
    In a digital age’

    Love this…of course your loyal blogger pals will always keep you company and help ‘adorn your face with smiles’!

  4. Awww, thank you. My poetry can be a tad confessional, but there is nobody I am having a rendezvous with…I wouldn’t know how to go about it, but, yes, my blogger pals do help out…the blues will be gone shall I stick around here on WordPress

  5. Confessional means you are more intimate with your readers and that helps forge closer bonds as well as letting you get things off of your chest so that’s all good.

    I think blogger relationships are more common than people believe interestingly, but always the friends first. You have to stick around now, otherwise I would sulk.

  6. Meeting is great, there are so many awesome people around here, I spend more time with you guys than i do in the so called real world with all these people who I can actually see and poke in the leg.

  7. admittedly, that last line is vivid for me. keep it up!

    went through a stroll on memory lane while i was reading this, thank you. =)

  8. Wow that was amazing. I love the style it is written in. Well done. I like the extended metaphor over the whole poem in that your phone is your touch. A great read.
    Chris aka Mortanah

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