Engraving Hearts on Trees

I imagine you carving a figurine
The trees giving way for your knife
Sitting alongside a rippling ravine
Wood chips a-scatter as your dream life
I wish I could see
The world through your eyes
You set it free
In a poetic demise 
One with the earth
Though your sight’s on pastel skies
Seeking a re-birth
Of your other-worldly ties
When your soul is found
Where dark shadows roam
Have a look around
Your knife, my heart, your home

26 thoughts on “Engraving Hearts on Trees

  1. Ooof, you name dropper you…I see no reason for you to not achieve something equating to your dream…all you can do is write!

  2. Thanks, Eric. I wrote this with the thoughts of love and (yikes) a murderer and his weapon of choice. Watching adults play shoot n stab n abuse on the Xbox really hung a job on me!

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