Goodbye, Old Flame

My heart, a mere puddle of melted wax

Had been forgotten and frowned upon

Faith and hope, my spirit lacks

The glow within is forever gone

Once a candle burning bright

Fate took the helm with rain and wind

And changed the course of the night

I paid the price for all who sinned

With my vision oh so weak

As the tears made it hard to see

The truth, my lips feared to speak

Nobody will ever truly love me

58 thoughts on “Goodbye, Old Flame

  1. You’ve described heartbreak so poignantly! We believe the saddest about life at such times – but our judgment is skewed until our heart mends. Been there many years ago. Nicely done.

  2. This is you, in that I know it’s how you feel, your ache inside, but I see so much that is good, and lovable, and fun, and I again will disagree you’ll not find love. The most difficult, and scary is just opening yourself to someone new – will it end badly, or very badly? I hope not, as do you; but when you find a new guy, let him know all you’ve been thru – you’ll see quickly if he backs away. If he doesn’t … potential keeper! And yes, those guys are around … somewhere.

  3. You never know when love will happen so keep the faith, it will happen for you. I think it is happening for me but the jury is still out for now but I am hopeful for a positive outcome.

  4. I read many, many blogs here, and I find yours always full of visitors, likes, and comments. I think you are loved, only not in the way you dream. Are those dreams yours or do they come from outside?

  5. Fragile means sensitive … That’s a good thing except you get hurt easily. Sounds like you need to change the type of person you are attracted to. Often we repeat the same relationship with a different person.

  6. dear Heart, I came to visit your blog –actually, I came to visit YOU and to check on you! You have a very sensitive heart…which many have already said to you through their comments. I think sometimes, often times, we with the “romantic, sensitive heart”–forget to give enough back to ourselves..we give, we give, we give…we never stop giving…but we need to replenish ourselves on the way and we too, deserve to be given to—please, dear, give to yourself…give time to you to enjoy YOU…YOU are full of LOVE—and LOVE will find you again! Heal yourself with goodness…you so deserve it~!

  7. Thank you. Someone from my past told me in text he still loves me, but ours was a bad relationship during a bad time in both our lives and so I doubt he can love me at all, and he hasn’t seen me in a long time.

  8. Sensitive, caring, loving, intuitive, not so focused in the body … I feel it’s a shift away from those you have known, toward those you need and need you.

  9. Maybe you just need time, forgive me if I thought you were coming off a relationship. If not then my bad. If so, It is a thought that could change up your life … Look in different venues for the sake of your fragile heart …?

  10. Bad marriage. He cheated with such a low rent hag. She gets away with online stalking and harassment because she’s lucky I guess. She stalks this blog and plagiarizes my poetry. I need time for the mess to be cleared away.

  11. This is both poignant and sad.

    If you were my daughter, I will be wrenched to hear your words. I do not know enough to offer any advice – and will certainly not presume to. But from what I do know – you’ve had terrible times and with evil people.

    Luv, peace and prayers – from me to you, my dearest, Eva.

    — Eric —

  12. Thanks, Eric, and it still continues as his mistress stalks me here and other websites.
    I’m pretty much fed up with how such a nice girl like me is such a jerk magnet.
    My heartbreak will end someday.

  13. Tragic but not immutable. I feel as if you want something more out of the way things are while accepting them as they are in this. Perhaps a longing for the possibility and a grim realization of the actuality. The rest seems to me like there is blame that you shoulder and allow to weigh you down freely. Forgiveness of self leads to better things. Ramble ramble ramble, I like your poem.

  14. Thank you. No worries, I liked your comments. I am learning forgiveness on all levels. I never felt that I could forgive because I’m not God. I do feel the blame rests with me when I am wronged..someone hurts me…something must be deficient in me. Someday I’ll be a better, more evolved version of me.

  15. “My heart, a mere puddle of melted wax” – Oh how that captured how I once felt, and thought I always would feel. Even now, eight years that line tugs on my heartstrings. Beautiful writing, and I know it’s also heartfelt writing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  16. Amorous unhappiness is a frequent theme in poetry because it is so cathartic to pen pain apart. With every word, every letter of lovely lyrical work like this, you’re getting closer.

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