Without Rose-tinted goggles

The hash marks scribed in my tome
Mark the sinful deeds of you, my deviant drone
I won’t hide inside my home
Kicking down the waves of pain I’ve known
The hue of the sky
How the early evening colors intertwine
Mimics the ocean’s cry
Or this lonely little heart of mine
Glory be to all living things
Penance for your shameful sin 
Rests beyond icy and distant Saturn’s rings
Go look to the heavens or deep within
Born to be unanchored at sea
The oceans I’ve cried in disbelief
Gone is the faith and trust from me
My soul’s adrift near Bermuda’s coral reef



Blessed I am
For I’m humble and meek
But cursed forever
Never finding what I seek
In the name of the father
My likeness falls short
Viewed with much disdain
Yet sinful to abort
And of the son
Love always escapes me
The sky an open field of diamonds
But darkness is all I see
And of the holy spirit
I’m ethereal and mild
But heavy is my burden
I’m easily beguiled
While one plus one plus one makes three
I’m empty along this desolate path
Forcing myself to grasp the truth
Subtracting three from nothing, I’m left with wrath

Drown Me Not


I beg an unmerciful god
To unchain me from Poseidon’s notion
Abused as a repugnant clod
Adrift in a vast blue ocean 
Barred from the warmth of the sun
I’m ethereal, but a sinking feeling remains
My tormentors had their fun
Vesting me in these cold, rusty, weighted chains
I beg an unmerciful god
To aid the brokenhearted
Hades gave me a nod
But I remain alone in the waters uncharted


Secrets are the demigods
That reign the skies
Tearing through our atmosphere
Harboring our lies
In the heavens
Straight from your sight
A glimmer of truth
Seen on a clear night
Impressed with the power
Given by their names
The light in my eyes
Mirrors the flickering of flames
You think I look at you
With the sexy smolder of a fire
The stars absorb my truth:
I learned from you, to be a liar
Gone in a flash
The beauty of the stars reign
For that celestial sparkling 
Was born of my disdain 

Blessed Be

We walked hand in hand
Here at this place in the sun.
Your skin’s oils in the sand,
Like memories, the washing away has already begun.
I chase down your path
Into the crashing white waves,
Regardless of the water’s icy wrath,
Drowning in the feelings my heart saves.
Freed of my earthly toils,
A baptism of bereavement is all I know this to be.
Anointed in your skin’s oils,
The water and my faith rise to encircle me.

ombré eternity

Stumbling through a humid swampland 
This murky, brown, blurry home
Of frogs and crickets and a lover banned
A vile place that I roam
Quite a distance from where you are
But the darkness ends with your light
My guiding, glimmering evening star
You gleam and make things right
I hear the rolling of a distant thunder
So I’ll seek a calming asylum
Where I can play amongst your wonder
In the spirit world’s phylum
Engulfed in the gloomy water
~This nightmare now walks with me~
An obvious loss, but I still fought her
The darkness that blankets all I see

The Higher the Climb the Harder the Fall


Drawing a breath

To fill my lungs

Climbing to death

Upon slippery rungs

Wanting to find

What’s in between

All the space and time

Of the moments we’ve seen

When I touched your face

As you were holding me near

I swear I could trace

I knew I could hear

Your climb to me

And how I needed you so

Truly plain to see

I couldn’t let you go

But I had to learn

To climb higher all alone

I felt the burn

I tried to make it on my own

This ladder is so tall

New rungs added each year

I’m afraid to fall

And that is my fear

It feels like it’s too late

I’m stuck on this rung

Our time was great

But it’s ending has begun

I want to find out

What’s in between

These rungs and the clouds

All the moments we’ve seen

Maybe I’m…

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In your bed, the air’s hearty weight
Like a silken stole wrapping my shell
Has me in an exalted state
This pleasure, I wear it so well
Your smile says it’s alright
Trepidations not born of fear
I’m bearing my soul tonight
While your touch slowly draws me near
You’re bringing me back to life
There’s no struggle as I am freed
It’s not a sin between man and wife
Us, to the fires of hell I lead
As my skin glows
It silences the call to be dutiful
Because He knows
In your arms, I am beautiful


The stormy sky backdrop has its place in our play
I haven’t felt love since you went away
It’s dark all day for me
And in the night, I’m lonely
Things feel so distant from my touch
As a tempting mirage I cannot clutch
I squeeze my eyes shut painfully tight
Like a child does out of fright
So the thoughts of you won’t flee
Because forever is a deep blue sea
That together we travel on
In my dreams, where you’re never gone
The view from the balcony above
There, you penned an end to our love
It’s higher than that sullen setting
Alone on the stage, my lines, forgetting
Trapped within a darkened background
A  love so lost, waiting to be found