The stormy sky backdrop has its place in our play
I haven’t felt love since you went away
It’s dark all day for me
And in the night, I’m lonely
Things feel so distant from my touch
As a tempting mirage I cannot clutch
I squeeze my eyes shut painfully tight
Like a child does out of fright
So the thoughts of you won’t flee
Because forever is a deep blue sea
That together we travel on
In my dreams, where you’re never gone
The view from the balcony above
There, you penned an end to our love
It’s higher than that sullen setting
Alone on the stage, my lines, forgetting
Trapped within a darkened background
A  love so lost, waiting to be found

18 thoughts on “Soliloquy

  1. I can feel the longing and the distant thoughts in this work. It’s such a beautiful journey. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. A great bard once reduced the world to a stage populated by players; welcome to the rest of us jerseygirl – it’s not as bad as it seems in your lovely lament to love.

  3. I haven’t read such a good rhyming poem in a while. I love the first line, the idea of being in a play. You have created some immense melancholy here. You do show your intense emotions and a good range of writing.

  4. Thank you. I appreciate your comments. Sometimes the way I feel about my former relationships or love in general is quite negative. The feeling of love being scripted and acted out. Someday my frog will appear lol

  5. Make sure it’s a fairytale frog, otherwise you’re just kissing a frog and nobody wants to get involved in that sort of relationship hehe. The whole play metaphor is interesting, I like the idea of no free will in love, even spontaneity will be planned in that sense….intriguing.

    Shakespeare has been done, your own voice is much more preferable methinks.

  6. Yes, of course, a fairytale frog. A real one would be slimy and not very romantic with all that croaking.

    I couldn’t feign Shakespeare if I tried. He has his throne and nobody can push him off it.

    The premeditated life of lovers sucks because having no control over what the other person scripted is frightening but so is love and sometimes it’s nice.

  7. Love is frightening, its intenseness, the commitment, the whole ride, but so exhilarating as well. I think if it wasn’t both then no one would bother getting up in a morning.

    I should read some more Shakespeare it’s been a while. I appreciate the reminder of his works.

    Imagine frogs and humans crossed….I bet they would try and take over the world!

  8. Yah, love does make waking up in the morning a lot better.
    Willie S did plays like nobody else ever has…his poetry makes us mere poets collectively cast a tiny shadow. Ho hum.
    If we could breed (yuck) with frogs, (I said yuck), it would make politicians quite honest. Ribbit!

  9. I agree with all that has been said and think you have an unusual wisdom beyond your years and it shows in your poetry. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

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