The Higher the Climb the Harder the Fall


Drawing a breath

To fill my lungs

Climbing to death

Upon slippery rungs

Wanting to find

What’s in between

All the space and time

Of the moments we’ve seen

When I touched your face

As you were holding me near

I swear I could trace

I knew I could hear

Your climb to me

And how I needed you so

Truly plain to see

I couldn’t let you go

But I had to learn

To climb higher all alone

I felt the burn

I tried to make it on my own

This ladder is so tall

New rungs added each year

I’m afraid to fall

And that is my fear

It feels like it’s too late

I’m stuck on this rung

Our time was great

But it’s ending has begun

I want to find out

What’s in between

These rungs and the clouds

All the moments we’ve seen

Maybe I’m…

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