ombré eternity

Stumbling through a humid swampland 
This murky, brown, blurry home
Of frogs and crickets and a lover banned
A vile place that I roam
Quite a distance from where you are
But the darkness ends with your light
My guiding, glimmering evening star
You gleam and make things right
I hear the rolling of a distant thunder
So I’ll seek a calming asylum
Where I can play amongst your wonder
In the spirit world’s phylum
Engulfed in the gloomy water
~This nightmare now walks with me~
An obvious loss, but I still fought her
The darkness that blankets all I see

20 thoughts on “ombré eternity

  1. Fight her, yes – and if all else fails – ignore her. Nothing pisses someone off more than when they are ignored, I reckon.

    Peace and blessings,

  2. The ‘her’ you mention, as I did in the poem, besides a real nightmare, turned out to be a homewrecker. I ignore her and I won’t keep playing the victim.
    Thanks for your lovely comment.

  3. I share your pain, Eva but coming from a different culture I handled my situation differently. I pray that God gives you peace and strength to be there for your children. Take care 🙂

  4. In your culture, how did you manage? The most I can do is write and divorce. I am sorry for any hurt you’ve been through. You are a very sweet girl.
    My children are thriving. They are happy and healthy and if they ever see me cry, I tell them that I have a headache that’s really bad and they’re sweet and get me tea or an icepack.

  5. Of course, every where divorce is an option, but I could not go through the stigma associated with it over here. culturally, it is frowned upon and I will be like a pariah. Apart from that, I had the kids to consider. They were so young then. Another reason is that my in laws were so supportive of me. Thank God, he came to his senses and we are still building the marriage from that hurt long ago.

    It’s not been a smooth journey since I also had to work on my sharp tongue (yes). On the whole, it’s been worth it, Eva. 🙂

  6. I admire your strength! I wish you well and all the happiness in the world and hope your marriage builds to the strongest one ever. There is stigma here, too, but I can’t forgive him. You are a good woman.

  7. A majot high five for using the word phylum, I haven’t seen that on a WordPress blog before, it needs a good airing now and again. Darkness can always be fought with light my friend…it shies away from that and hopefully has a bad hair do as well.

  8. Thanks for appreciating my choice of word there. The darkness, my sadness and the ugly witch my ex cheated on me with, bad hair is her best feature…but she’s become a distant memory these days..time heals.

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