Blessed Be

We walked hand in hand
Here at this place in the sun.
Your skin’s oils in the sand,
Like memories, the washing away has already begun.
I chase down your path
Into the crashing white waves,
Regardless of the water’s icy wrath,
Drowning in the feelings my heart saves.
Freed of my earthly toils,
A baptism of bereavement is all I know this to be.
Anointed in your skin’s oils,
The water and my faith rise to encircle me.

8 thoughts on “Blessed Be

  1. Hi. I think the use of water related images implies baptism in the readers mind even if unconsciously. I wouldn’t have used the word explicitly. but love it

  2. Very beautiful imagery in this composition Eva…my experiences of childhood memories whether traumatic or sweet always tend to bring about a desired and great literary work I hope. Stay creative and this spirit of creativity will surely be your new love. Blessings!

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