Secrets are the demigods
That reign the skies
Tearing through our atmosphere
Harboring our lies
In the heavens
Straight from your sight
A glimmer of truth
Seen on a clear night
Impressed with the power
Given by their names
The light in my eyes
Mirrors the flickering of flames
You think I look at you
With the sexy smolder of a fire
The stars absorb my truth:
I learned from you, to be a liar
Gone in a flash
The beauty of the stars reign
For that celestial sparkling 
Was born of my disdain 

25 thoughts on “Oracle

  1. I feel so sad for you and wish you could discover the good that is in most people. I realize that you are still suffering the pain of betrayal and I understand that totally and personally. But, to achieve true happiness, you must let that go and move on with you life. Find a mission or a purpose greater than yourself and you will be freed of your pain, I promise. Life is what YOU make of it and only YOU can do something about it. I found my life’s mission very recently and it is already having a positive affect on my everything. I truly hope you find yours and just know that I am here to help if you need it.

  2. I love this, Eva dearest.

    It is filled with esoterism and metaphors – and you know how much I adore such constructs. Now, whenever I gaze at the heavens, I would wonder – how many demi gods, how many zircons among the true sparklers.


    All good wishes for the weekend ahead,

  3. Eric, you just gave me the best compliment. Thank you. Yes, I love to play with metaphors. Figures of speech are perfect for poetry. And thanks for reblogging The Fiction Box


  4. Thank you so much for taking time to visit my site. I’m so glad you so that I would find yours. Sometimes we stumble across experiences for a reason solely by accident. Your poem resonates with me. I don’t usually write poety. It’s so exposing. I keep myself guarded. Your poem seemed to be a look at my life. Wow. I usually write stories about people. Too bad I can’t interview you about why you wrote this. I have a feeling I would learn more about my life as well.

  5. If my poem resonates within you, we probably have some things in common. Stumbling upon others blogs and finding meaning there is just another way of examining our souls’ true journey. I look forward to reading more of your blog and hopefully, we’ll keep in touch. Thank you fir stopping by.

  6. I am learning to be fine. My definition of fine changes as my life does, almost on a daily basis. I lost the girl I was before the heartbreak came and changed all of me. I’m good though. I need to be. My kids need me.

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