Drown Me Not


I beg an unmerciful god
To unchain me from Poseidon’s notion
Abused as a repugnant clod
Adrift in a vast blue ocean 
Barred from the warmth of the sun
I’m ethereal, but a sinking feeling remains
My tormentors had their fun
Vesting me in these cold, rusty, weighted chains
I beg an unmerciful god
To aid the brokenhearted
Hades gave me a nod
But I remain alone in the waters uncharted

25 thoughts on “Drown Me Not

  1. Wow, what a heart-felt piece of great poetry!! I am sorry for the pain but you shall grow stronger and bear witness to a truth so powerful the “weighted chains” shall fall as an Oak leave from a tree.

  2. It may just be a tiny piece of driftwood floating by that prevents us from drowning…leaving us to be parched and fried in the sweltering sun…just while we learn to swim in the deep end 😉 Hold onto that little piece of tree. Such beautifully expressive words. Hew ill not leave you nor forsake you even though it may FEEL as though He has. THIS is how he teaches a stronger faith (in my humble opinion :/ )

  3. Filled with pain, filled with cry for deliverance – anger even. How could they – how could you, God, let this go on for so long – How could you be so unmerciful?
    And yet you have not sunk below the waves. The chains strain. Hades beckons. The sun’s warmth eludes. Yet, you drown not. Why do you think this is so? Who is holding you up – afloat – my child? Who?

    Watch how hungrily the parched desert sands soak up life giving water? Watch how the verdant lands let run that same water into floods. One embraces, the other rejects – my life giving water.

    When the time is upon you – so will you embrace me as does the parched desert sands. For, I am Life and I am Merciful. This I promise. My embrace awaits you – and all will be well. For I am merciful.

  4. Eric,
    Your words are beautiful.
    I do wonder what keeps me afloat.
    Everyday, I can’t shut out the bad memories. Maybe someday. I feel like I’m going to die of a broken heart but then my kids remind me I am here to raise them right. It’s a thin line between sink or swim.
    Your words seem so true.
    thank you for your encouragement.
    You are such an inspiration, filled with hope and light.

  5. It is pretty darn hard in the world we live into today to hold onto ANYTHING. Never mind a concept of FAITH. It is not a feeling – it is a choice. I would like to guide you to a post I wrote – would that be ok?

  6. Never gets fuzzy – in fact the clarity increases…thats what helps.
    Here’s that ‘article’ anyways – hope it makes sense. It is my favourite one 😉
    Bless you.

  7. I feel for those who struggle because we all do at times but here is the bottom line: Given a choice to believe or not believe, why would anyone choose to not believe? Given the choice to believe, everything else will take care of itself and it has for me so I will advise everyone to have faith and believe because the alternative must be Hell on Earth. Is that what you really want? Choose wisely my friends and make good choices along life’s path and your life will be fulfilled with joy and happiness regardless of the negative things that happen in all of our lives. I hope this message has helped in some way for you all see the light that is God. I do believe that God will help those who help themselves so you have to make the effort and He will help you, I promise.

  8. He doesn’t – but it is what it FEELS like right 😉
    There are not a lot of posts on that blog. Go read a couple of others to get the full picture. This is not for hits (promise) have not written on it in ages. I honestly just feel compassion for you feeling the way you do…and I KNOW…This too shall pass.
    I could try say what I am trying to show you in a comment here – but – what you are struggling to find an answer to ‘has been written’ and not by me.We can quote psalms and all the words of encouragement of how fabulous God is – but that does not change the fact that the WORLD sucks. It is hard work living on this planet. He knew it would be – each thing we go through prepares us for what he knows we may encounter further down the road. As I look back I can see how all I have had to learn have equipped me to get through the next stage.
    We are impatient creatures – and can not understand how we can be left to suffer for sooooo long. It is simply a matter of perspective.
    Would it be better if I had told you that He will make it all better…and then after a while of waiting (a period that YOU decide is long enough) and it seems nothing has changed – you sit back and think: oh well I guess God does not care!
    He does – we just don’t see it OR feel it …always.
    May He give you peace in your spirit and courage to face what season you are in, trusting that the outcome is in His hands, that as you lay weary under the skies- you will look up into the heavens and see the star that shines for you. The place in His heart that is reserved JUST for you…and understand that no matter how much it hurts, he will lead the way and reveal to you the answers you seek at this time.
    May you and your family be blessed.

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