Without Rose-tinted goggles

The hash marks scribed in my tome
Mark the sinful deeds of you, my deviant drone
I won’t hide inside my home
Kicking down the waves of pain I’ve known
The hue of the sky
How the early evening colors intertwine
Mimics the ocean’s cry
Or this lonely little heart of mine
Glory be to all living things
Penance for your shameful sin 
Rests beyond icy and distant Saturn’s rings
Go look to the heavens or deep within
Born to be unanchored at sea
The oceans I’ve cried in disbelief
Gone is the faith and trust from me
My soul’s adrift near Bermuda’s coral reef

10 thoughts on “Without Rose-tinted goggles

  1. Another spectacular poem! The imagery you have used is just fantastic…
    ‘My soul’s adrift near Bermuda’s coral reef’ …you have a true gift.

  2. You’re a really good poet! I find I have a heart time letting the words flow when it comes to poetry. Writing I’m fine, but for some reason poetry is a challenge. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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