In your bed, the air’s hearty weight
Like a silken stole wrapping my shell
Has me in an exalted state
This pleasure, I wear it so well
Your smile says it’s alright
Trepidations not born of fear
I’m bearing my soul tonight
While your touch slowly draws me near
You’re bringing me back to life
There’s no struggle as I am freed
It’s not a sin between man and wife
Us, to the fires of hell I lead
As my skin glows
It silences the call to be dutiful
Because He knows
In your arms, I am beautiful


The stormy sky backdrop has its place in our play
I haven’t felt love since you went away
It’s dark all day for me
And in the night, I’m lonely
Things feel so distant from my touch
As a tempting mirage I cannot clutch
I squeeze my eyes shut painfully tight
Like a child does out of fright
So the thoughts of you won’t flee
Because forever is a deep blue sea
That together we travel on
In my dreams, where you’re never gone
The view from the balcony above
There, you penned an end to our love
It’s higher than that sullen setting
Alone on the stage, my lines, forgetting
Trapped within a darkened background
A  love so lost, waiting to be found