There seems to be a disconnect
A dissonance of my being
Our love abandoned, shipwrecked
It’s new locale should be freeing

I dream at night, a million stars
Luminous like the glint in your eyes
This glow sheds light upon our scars
An iridescence we can’t disguise

I’ll drown in these oceans I cry
Feeling the tropical heat
The sticky air won’t dry
My tears, as our eyes meet

In my dreams, you’re here and gone
With a flicker of a touch
I wake to find the lights on
I think I miss you too much

In the stupor of such sleepy ways
I’m stumbling upon silken sands
Lost within a groggy haze
My soul follows as my heart commands

You’ve taken over all of me
I run but cannot hide
Upon the sands of time I see
Your love’s ghost, my solemn guide


I’d say you thought you could steal
All the joy a mother could feel
I’d say you juggled the shattered shards
Of family and our broken hearts
I’d say you made me worry
Through thoughts so teary-eyed and blurry
No, I won’t
Because you don’t
Welcome strength or have a voice
I’d say you didn’t give me a choice
Trapped inside
You chaperoned the ride
Through my fear
That I’d never hear
My little boy say
He wanted to play
I laugh at how you wanted me weak
By locking up his ability to speak
Yet, love being the tie that binds
Mended the shards and freed us from your confines

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Of Zeus and Hades

Driving down a Southern street
Each moment frozen in time
While record summer heat
Threatens to scorch a climbing vine
Should it die in this hour
I’ve passed by twice
I’ll beg for the power
To dismiss this sacrifice
The beauty of the rose
In the wake of the heat
Only Cronus knows
If the withering will retreat
The evening stars are beaming
Eight hundred miles away
Where maybe I’m dreaming
The gods warred in Nashville that day

The Other Side of the Crescendo

Green is the heart that springs to life
In love, playing for passion
as lips upon a fife

What I heard as the song in my heart played
Matters not, as surely, memories will fade

Wild nights filled with music as we imbibed with our hearts and minds
The fear hit me, but you
quelled it with your kisses, love truly was the tie that binds

The greens turned to rusty reds, and the seasons carried on
In your heart, a fleeting flicker, I was soon to be gone

My fears became your doubts, and we couldn’t get in tune
The coldness, reminiscent
of the forming of Phoebe, Saturn’s moon

There beyond our eyesight,
our love playing out as a dying star
Distant and dissolving, an unintended mar

The Ghost of Reverie

Although you can lead someone to water,
They’re left alone on the brink
Forgotten, yet still, God’s daughter
Fully submerged, I’m about to sink

The path to my pain
All I did was follow my heart
Viewed with much disdain
The dartboard, never the dart

For within the coffin of my mind
The agonizing anguish created a fatality
Nightmares are easy find
But a dream is lost in reality

It’s been hard to see the light
In the darkest days I’ve known
The demons I constantly fight
Can’t keep me from feeling alone

I begged an unloving god
To grant me peace eternally
Before they unroll the sod
And nature drinks the dream from me