The Ghost of Reverie

Although you can lead someone to water,
They’re left alone on the brink
Forgotten, yet still, God’s daughter
Fully submerged, I’m about to sink

The path to my pain
All I did was follow my heart
Viewed with much disdain
The dartboard, never the dart

For within the coffin of my mind
The agonizing anguish created a fatality
Nightmares are easy find
But a dream is lost in reality

It’s been hard to see the light
In the darkest days I’ve known
The demons I constantly fight
Can’t keep me from feeling alone

I begged an unloving god
To grant me peace eternally
Before they unroll the sod
And nature drinks the dream from me

11 thoughts on “The Ghost of Reverie

  1. Yes, another haunting poem and I am saddened that you feel that God is unloving because God is another love of my life and has saved me recently and is guiding me now and I couldn’t be happier.

  2. Wow this really moves me . I love your poetry write often . This kinda hits home ………….

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