The Other Side of the Crescendo

Green is the heart that springs to life
In love, playing for passion
as lips upon a fife

What I heard as the song in my heart played
Matters not, as surely, memories will fade

Wild nights filled with music as we imbibed with our hearts and minds
The fear hit me, but you
quelled it with your kisses, love truly was the tie that binds

The greens turned to rusty reds, and the seasons carried on
In your heart, a fleeting flicker, I was soon to be gone

My fears became your doubts, and we couldn’t get in tune
The coldness, reminiscent
of the forming of Phoebe, Saturn’s moon

There beyond our eyesight,
our love playing out as a dying star
Distant and dissolving, an unintended mar

16 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Crescendo

  1. Music is the true love of my life and I can’t imagine ever forgetting the special songs that have truly moved me but that’s just me. I do agree with what readinpleasure said that it is a haunting poem…

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