There seems to be a disconnect
A dissonance of my being
Our love abandoned, shipwrecked
It’s new locale should be freeing

I dream at night, a million stars
Luminous like the glint in your eyes
This glow sheds light upon our scars
An iridescence we can’t disguise

I’ll drown in these oceans I cry
Feeling the tropical heat
The sticky air won’t dry
My tears, as our eyes meet

In my dreams, you’re here and gone
With a flicker of a touch
I wake to find the lights on
I think I miss you too much

In the stupor of such sleepy ways
I’m stumbling upon silken sands
Lost within a groggy haze
My soul follows as my heart commands

You’ve taken over all of me
I run but cannot hide
Upon the sands of time I see
Your love’s ghost, my solemn guide

40 thoughts on “Schism

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I got lost within your poem. Lost? Absolutely! About your lost love? Not sure about that given the circumstances. I do hope you find something or someone to change your focus so you get some peace and happiness in your life. I know that it is still too soon but I can hope for you, can’t I?

  2. This is beautifully written. I think it would resonate with a lot of people. Relationships can truly suck at times. I guess that’s why I distance myself from love.

  3. Fingers crossed. But for now I’m retired. A lot easier that way. I love your poetry. Will have to reblog some of it.

  4. Ah you should. You are really professional in your work. I wouldn’t have guessed you weren’t a full time writer. And lol, I’ve been screwed over multiple times. Never been about sex for me so if everyone is so sex mad then I think it’s better I stay clear from people who have urges to fool around.

  5. Such lovely compliments! Yes, those who are all about sex do suck, because that’s not love. Granted it could lead to love, but it’s a slippery slope. You will fall in love. You cannot be immune.

  6. I have fallen in love before. I just want to hide under a rock now. Otherwise, pain will be my way again. Urgh, no thanks.

  7. Been there. Done that. It hurts, and I had written off love, too, only to find a new love and get screwed over again. I so refuse to close the door. I have a lot to offer. You do, too. Do you have facebook? If so find me there facebook/thejerseygal.

  8. Ah I’m afraid not. The only thing I use is Skype to message people. I have a twitter account too but it is pretty dead!

  9. I have a twitter account, but the concubine who helped destroy my marriage stalks me here, so I can’t say what my twitter account is in this reply. Ugh. She is an ugly fat witch. Lol.

  10. Haha lol I see. Well you can always email me. If you click contact me on my blog you can get a direct line to me 🙂

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