20 thoughts on “Video: me, my kids, my dog

  1. Hello Eva dear,

    Your children are so adorable. The girls so pretty and a handsome son too 🙂 I see that your dog had something to say 🙂 and let’s not forget teddy. Thank you for sharing my dear.

    All good blessings shower upon your lovelies and you,

  2. Your kids are so lovely, more especially so the little gal. She is so cure, Eva. And you are a beautiful. woman. 🙂 Such a loud dog, though 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing dear.

  3. Thank you, Celestine. My dog made his point of wanting to be in the video. When the kids swarm around me, he gets jealous and barks for attention. I’m his human.
    I plan on making more videos, eventually working toward poetry film.

    Big hug from me xo

  4. Why is your video like looking through a crack in a door? Maybe it’s just my browser 🙂 Anyway, thanks for sharing. Are you going to post future videos of your reciting your poetry? That would be way cool and ahead of the pack! Plus, it would help people like me who aren’t poets, to hear the proper rhythm and cadence of your poems and give them more meaning.

  5. On the video looking like a crack in the door, Web2e is asking why it is so narrow in the horizontal, and so long in the vertical, as if the camera had blinders, or it was a very wide angle panorama, turned sideways. I wondered about this on the murk interview as well, but have seen other phones with the same video aspect ratios. May be it’s just a default setting for video ???

  6. Idk. All my vids are like that. It’s def not panoramic view…but really, it was just a “this is me” vid and not supposed to be artful or fancy. Iphone, do we expect the best for real? Iphail. Lol

  7. Yay! You did a video, so now you have no excuse not to do another one or many, hehe. Apologies for the late comment on this one, I disappeared like a ninja for a bit. It’s always good to see and hear a fellow blogger.

    Curiosity is a wonderful thing bu only for a limited time. Great to see the family, complete with excitable doggy!

  8. The dog always has something to say. He’s a jack russell terrorist haha

    I’ll make more videos. Eventually, I’d like to get into poetry film.

    I still need to go to the library.

  9. That’s it leave the library for a bit and build up a bit of excitement for your readers. Poetry film is an interesting way to go. Haha.

    Jack Russell terrorist lol, that made me laugh!

  10. I don’t want to excite anyone too much! Haha
    He’s a loud barker and he gets into things he shouldn’t like my kids toys or the garbage, and if he farts it’s like a terror plot exacted with such precision! Ugh!

  11. I am glad that YouTube does not have that function, lol. Dogs equal mayhem, always amusing for the person who doesn’t have to clean up the mess of the dogs adventures. It’s not good for my heart to get to excited, it makes me want to have a nap, lol.

  12. He’s cute. Just a bit of a handful, yet it’s fine because he’s almost like a child. He’s also great at guarding the house. If he sees or hears anything outside, he barks!

    Please tell me you’re kidding?? Your heart’s fine, right.
    Note to self: Don’t excite Ste J

  13. I am kidding although I do nap quite a lot. Yes no dramatic videos with explosions and cheerleaders thank you.

    I do love dogs…they like me too, for the most part.

  14. I’m not a Hollywood director, so the explosions ate out. Cheerleaders, probably out, too. I can video me ordering from the victoria’s secret catalogue for giggles haha

    Most dogs are cool, but some are mean or way too excitable for me to want to be around. A friend has a little pomeranian that gets excited and pees a bit on people or shoes. It’s just not my cup of tea. Haha

  15. No, I’m not one for being peed on, which probably comes as a relief…no pun intended.

    Careful what you order, it may fall apart again!

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