The Present Shape of Perception

(September 21, 2012)

Seldom we are stationary in thought
The season once again is closing out
Time’s linear pattern always sought
But it’s management flails about
I wish not to be held captive to the notion
Of giving up control and sending it into the wild
Drowning me like the vast ocean
Forever leaving me lonely and beguiled
Grains falling from my hand
With an elliptical but familiar feel
Mirrors formed from sand
Reflecting what is real

37 thoughts on “The Present Shape of Perception

  1. Thanks, I wasn’t sure I was clear in that thought. I meant the grains, as sand in an hour glass, symbolic of time, and time is not linear but elliptical and sand itself tends to appear round or sphere-like.

  2. “Mirrors formed from sand
    Reflecting what is real”

    I really love this image, and it’s a great end to the poem.

  3. “Mirrors formed from sand…Reflecting what is real”

    The sands of time do help us reflect with hindsight. And the grains of sand do take the shape of our perceptions which change with time.

    A poem frothing from your insides, I sense. Lovely, Eva dearest.

    Luv and hugz,

  4. Thank you, Eric. Time has always been force fed to us as marching forth in a straight lines, but it seems to come back to us…just look at the seasons…the earth is a sphere…can time be, too?

  5. Stunning words! I’ve always liked to think of time as a coil that is coiling. It goes round and round and round but never will it meet itself again on the same linear plane!

  6. Well it is and it isn’t, it’s always moving forward which makes it seem linear but it also moves in cycles which makes it seem non-linear! But then again, what exactly is time anyway? 😉

  7. Time is possibly not even a real thing according to some scientists which is mental…or maybe not. Either way we are powerless to do anything about it, best thing to do is spend it being crazy with people!

  8. Yeah, in our heads we can do and be anyone but when we are with people it is shell retreating time. Shy and reserved is always the way top start but probably doesn’t last lol.

  9. Once I get to know people, I’m alright and not shy around them. I’m a bit of a people watcher…I take notes in my head or make stories up to amuse myself… It’s fun with beer!

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