Old Towne Toxin

The arch of the underpass
How it magnified the depth of the water
Like a mirror’s glass
To the guilt as you fought her
That girl cried
Because you boxed her up
And you lied
As she sipped from your malignant cup
The venomous snake with red eyes
It’s been there since your youth
Turn your spineless back as she cries
The river’s waiting to reflect the truth
You can peacefully drift alone in your canoe
And elude honesty all day long
But the night emulates that underpass you paddled through
Where her echoed cries remain forever strong


17 thoughts on “Old Towne Toxin

  1. Thanks, Eric. I think I tried to skim the surface of the damage caused by my marriage there. Not that he cares, but I wanted to point out the pain he inflicted on both of us and how he is a coward for throwing all upon me.

  2. If only I could do more. But I will keep reading your stories, and whenever I feel like I could contribute something, I will. And will be sending happy thoughts your way. I am not sure if that ever works, but it can’t hurt xx

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