The Helix Nebula

Every ounce of happiness I had is gone and the new ones are either fleeting or feigned.
Every bit of light that finds its way to my soul, hits a wall of darkness, heavy as the clouds before it rained.
I try to tether myself onto shattered shards of hope and love, but seemingly it’s just a mirage.
The ethereal vision of us sharing the wondrous heavens is gone in a stormy barrage.
I’ll be alone when the clocks stop, and in love with you beyond the rules of the hands of time that apply.
Outside your realm, I am that dying star, unable to emit enough energy to beautifully adorn your night sky.

18 thoughts on “The Helix Nebula

  1. Each star no matter how small shine their light through a dark canvas called space. Even the tiniest still shines their light on us.
    And when it rains, you put on your wellies and sing in the rain. Let that bit of light desolve those clouds.

  2. I meant to respond to your earlier post about running into your ex in familiar places. This seems to speak to that same need. Although it may sound trite, you will have to fake it till you make it. Put on your clear armor and walk by with your head held high. Smile. He doesn’t deserve you and your light does not depend on him. Your writing is full of sadness, but also with such incredible beauty. Though a continent away, I care. You are part of my chosen online family. If you can’t find another way to smile, revert to the schoolyard. Say to yourself, I’m rubber and you’re glad, everything you throw at me bounces off and sticks to you.

  3. Thank you so much for the comment. You are right, my light doesn’t depend on him, but that’s how I feel very often. It’s almost a worry, as when my children , who bring such joy to me, are laughing and doing the things that make me beam with pride, I think “Am I faking this? Is this a genuine feeling? Would this feel better if I had his love?” But faking it till I make it seems what I do best. When he sees me I fake smiles. It’s the best defense I’ve got. Again, thank you fir taking the time to let me know you care.

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