Lies are mere secrets
Weathered in the storms of the heart
The truth is inconsequential
To the reasons we’re apart
Cast from the sleight of hand pickpocketing of time
I’m afflicted with a soul that aches
Loneliness envelops all of me
And your deceit, my heart, it breaks
You may not burn in a fiery hell
Your soul was hatched before Lucifer shed his wings
The pain you’ve caused has outdone his lot
And you’ve pawned our wedding rings
Just another bastard that Chronos failed to control
The heart slapped cold by the hands of time
You’ve given me faith in an unmerciful god
And here ends this loveless rhyme

Haunting Rapture

Staring out a window, time to forsake,
the night dissipates into dawn
Weary, my eyes, heavy at daybreak,
but love blooms upon my lawn
There you are with a sheepish grin,
and my heart picks up its pace
As I let you in,
dimples frame the smile on your face
Adrift in thought, moments before,
you’re my wish come true
I’ve got butterflies as we entwine on the floor,
and my shivers glow icy-blue
I spent all night looking afar,
but your light made my day
You tell me you’re Galileo and I’m a star,
and that in your heart I’ll stay
I wake to find the bright morning sun,
it’s streaming through the blind
The nightmare of life without you has begun,
as my dreams slowly torture my mind

A Road for Redemption

They came and stamped lines into the newly paved road
The temporary powdered sugar spray just wouldn’t do
They caught my eye on their path passed our former abode
In the middle of the street where I had cried out for the fleeing you
The old pavement is gone, worn down, and tarred black
Symbolic of our love story and with that, I was fine
The fresh lines, your ghost in the sun, are what reeled me back
But the house, your heart, and pure sanity are no longer mine
I drive the length of the road, and it leads me out of town
I follow a path of painful memories, overflowing the eternity pool of my eyes
Yet, I am renewed with the moonroof open and the windows down
Because the tears fade in the rearview, and the tires crush your lies


The heart speaks in moments of fair and falter
Of the eternal unknown
Upon mossy roots, beneath soggy leaves, stands an alter
Where a venerated love was silently outgrown
The end of a cycle within a whisper of a chill
From the ghost of hands held
Where new winds whisked away the thrill
In autumn’s light, the truth unshelled
Yet, in the boundless reach of time
Ignited by the breath of a distant dream
Without a well-thought reason, nor an eloquent rhyme
Our love, reborn in a pallid moonlit gleam