The heart speaks in moments of fair and falter
Of the eternal unknown
Upon mossy roots, beneath soggy leaves, stands an alter
Where a venerated love was silently outgrown
The end of a cycle within a whisper of a chill
From the ghost of hands held
Where new winds whisked away the thrill
In autumn’s light, the truth unshelled
Yet, in the boundless reach of time
Ignited by the breath of a distant dream
Without a well-thought reason, nor an eloquent rhyme
Our love, reborn in a pallid moonlit gleam

28 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. You’ve weaved some beautiful verses in here, Eva dear > “Without a well-thought reason, nor an eloquent rhyme” and “the truth unshelled”.

    Enjoyed this and its hopeful theme.


  2. Your first line is great, really gave me an Arthurian vibe and that is always a good thing. Epic, heroic, noble…but enough about me, ha! I always enjoy your words…do more I say!

  3. Plenty more where that came from over time and hopefully a more self assured me will make it better. So I count that at 1-1 for video posts, your move lol.

  4. Oh, I’ve seen your vid and i’ll raise ya 2! I shall be posting something in an hour. Something I need help with! A nudge even, would do. Procrastination has been my best friend these days. You’ll see what I mean. Me and my iphone will do our best to attract some well-meaning nudgers my way.

  5. Crikey, you are firing them out, how will I keep up? Always happy to help give you a nudge, just avoid cliff tops in that case! The WP family is good at helping but me morer.

  6. No cliff tops. Afraid of heights! Yah. Been procrastinating on writing my book. On and off for ten years and I can’t seem to find the time or desire to. Then I heard that a really good, no great writer from WO can’t get published and it sets me back even more. The video will show more.

  7. And you must keep up! How’s this old gal gonna play without a play mate? Besides, I like the “humanity” of the videos…it keeps us real instead of being typed words on a screen.

  8. Well, I would ignore all the stories of people struggling, write, enjoy and get it out there, that’s what I say. Write for the love of writing and that feeling when anyone writes you and tells you how they enjoyed your work. Think positive! Desire and time are tough to get I agree, my book has taken a back seat to the blog but is still technically a work in progress but I know we can both do it.

    I will keep up with the videos then, I am aiming for at least one a month, although Penny did mention I should do one a week. That will be a challenge and a half though. Humanity is a good word, visuals make everything better.

  9. I had no idea you, too were writing a book. Then here we go, pushing and nudging each other to write more and post more videos.
    I sponge up energy, be it good or bad. So I get enticed by the good stories and strokes of luck and set aback by the bad. Woe is me! Haha

  10. I mentioned it on the blog, got 3000 odd words n and then life happened as is so often the way with these sort of things. I shall get onto it again at some point soon it is saved to three palces so I can always get at it. Sounds like a deal with the videos and book writing.

    Best off to take what you can from the bad without getting overly bogged down by the weight of it all. The good is good though so keep on with that. Hone your perspectives and get the good things out of even the bad. That is how I attempt to live life these days.

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