Haunting Rapture

Staring out a window, time to forsake,
the night dissipates into dawn
Weary, my eyes, heavy at daybreak,
but love blooms upon my lawn
There you are with a sheepish grin,
and my heart picks up its pace
As I let you in,
dimples frame the smile on your face
Adrift in thought, moments before,
you’re my wish come true
I’ve got butterflies as we entwine on the floor,
and my shivers glow icy-blue
I spent all night looking afar,
but your light made my day
You tell me you’re Galileo and I’m a star,
and that in your heart I’ll stay
I wake to find the bright morning sun,
it’s streaming through the blind
The nightmare of life without you has begun,
as my dreams slowly torture my mind

18 thoughts on “Haunting Rapture

  1. ‘You tell me you’re Galileo and I’m a star’, I like that line, mired in the past as I am. As ever you have really strong and vivid imagery.

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