Lies are mere secrets
Weathered in the storms of the heart
The truth is inconsequential
To the reasons we’re apart
Cast from the sleight of hand pickpocketing of time
I’m afflicted with a soul that aches
Loneliness envelops all of me
And your deceit, my heart, it breaks
You may not burn in a fiery hell
Your soul was hatched before Lucifer shed his wings
The pain you’ve caused has outdone his lot
And you’ve pawned our wedding rings
Just another bastard that Chronos failed to control
The heart slapped cold by the hands of time
You’ve given me faith in an unmerciful god
And here ends this loveless rhyme

35 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. You come up with some beautiful lines, Eva dear:

    “Lies are mere secrets” – how very true.

    “Your soul was hatched before Lucifer shed his wings” – I wish I’d thought of this, truly marvellous!

    They say that exhilirating joy and sharp pain births great works of art. This is an artistic piece of writing.

    All good wishes,

  2. Thank you, Eric! Compliments from you mean so much to me! And his soul definitely was hatched before Lucifer shed his wings. The pain he’s caused my children and me, ugh.
    Thanks for the smiles this evening

  3. Such a strong emotional piece. Lot’s of favorite lines here, but I have to agree with one of the earlier comments. “Cast from the sleight of hand pickpocketing of time” is the winner. I had to stop and read that line twice. And “soul hatched before Lucifer shed his wings”, also genius.
    Keep Inspiring

  4. Wow. A really powerful piece, by the third line it was speaking itself to me in strong words, pausing and flowing, reading itself out loud to me! Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

  5. Thank you. Catharsis. It’s better than all other options! I hope you never experience the torment of a cheating spouse that emotionally abuses you even after the marriage had died.

  6. Powerful as always, I do like your visceral message and the way you launch it out with no holding back. Your imagery as always is strong and immersive.

  7. Magnificent, this wordflow. The sound to read it, let alone what it speaks. Really fantastic, JerseyGal.

  8. I am sorry. Yes writing is a fantastic form of therapy and with time, will help to heal all wounds. Keep your head up and stay proud. You are a wonderful writer, and I am sure a better person.
    Do Keep Inspiring

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