Goat on a Mountain

Goat on a Mountain

The clouds suddenly barricade the rays of the sun
In essence, it’s embrace feels receded in this cycle that’s begun
I climb to the place beyond the gray
For a glimpse of the glow where saints pray
Before the wanton ways of men spill my screams
Soft and unbroken, hitherto, with hope and light and dreams

Echo and Narcissus

Your sobs spill beyond the river of pain,
Flowing directly to my heart
I send them back, but not in disdain
My very essence shatters apart

I suffer in silence waiting for a return
Your torment is mine while our lives drift us away
Broken eternally, what a lesson to learn
Love unravelled like a knit sweater on that cold day

Far off in the distance where memories fade out
I cannot comfort you during this heartache that has begun
Reaching afar, the air between us casts doubt
Hopelessly escaping the warm rays of the sun

Farewell, Astraeus and Eos

I scooped up a handful of forever
On the pink Bermuda sand
And from the confines of time, I endeavor
To break free like the grains in my hand

Falling against me as the ocean breeze exhales
A warm mist of a memory from when you were mine
The day fades and the golden sun pales
As I am born again amongst the scintillating star shine

I’m drawn to the depths of night
From our forever of the deep blue sea
In the heavens like a wondrous sight
Should you change your mind and still love me

White Veil

Memories fill the mind,
Yet cast an empty shadow of what used to be upon the soul

Love’s end is so unkind,
And in the loneliness there is solitude, but weakness takes it toll

Dreaming at night,
Reliving the moments, but never truly knowing where they go

Hiding in plain sight,
The in-between, hoping, never gauging, what time would bestow

Washed away in a storm of tears,
The moments of love grow cold with a distance we can map out

Its stretchy fogginess adheres,
And in the cold mist of a memory, I know what heartache is all about

Blog of the Year? No Way! It’s Sweet to be Nominated, Though.

I was quite honored this morning when I saw that I had been nominated by Totalovrdose http://totalovrdose.wordpress.com for the Blog of the Year Award. Thank you, Kiddo! If all guys wrote like you do, love would endure all storms throughout eternity. I believe he’s single, ladies, so march over there and swoon! Please, in all seriousness, check out Totalovrdose’s blog!

Like all blog awards there’s some rules, so pay attention:

One – select the blogs you believe are deserving of the nomination

Two – Write a post about the blogs you chose to nominate and present the blogs with the award

Three – Let the blogs know they have been nominated, and the rules involved in accepting the award

Four – Come over and say ‘hello’ to the promulgator (that from Totalovrdose, and it means publisher, for those who want to add some fancy words to their vocabulary!) of the Blog of the Year award at this link:


Five – You can additionally join the Blog of the Year Facebook Page and share your posts:

Six – Lastly, link back to the blog that nominated you and (in the words of the rules) proudly display the award for all to see and start gathering stars! Yes, stars! Each time you are nominated for the award you gain another star. There are six to collect. This reminds me of the toys in the cereal boxes when I was a kid! Collect all six!

Below are my nominations for the award :

http://totalovrdose.wordpress.com Yup, I’m nominating the one who nominated me! He’s that good. I don ‘t give praise for praise’s sake. I’m from New Jersey. We’re not one’s to sling the bullpoop.

There are two reasons I nominated just these 5 blogs, and it’s because, firstly, the people behind the blogs. They have seen me bleed out my heart and soul here, and in the days and nights where life was being a little unpleasant for me, these 5 people have made me smile. Please read and enjoy their blogs as much as I have and will continue to do. And secondly, their blogs have made me want to improve as a writer. The personal touches that each of these 5 bloggers put into their blogs, I have found unique and as precious as the breath of life itself.

Additionally, there are other bloggers who have commented on some of my work that I began to feel a sense of community here on WordPress. I thank all of you for sharing your thoughts. I wish you all a joyful holiday season and a happy and healthy, peace-filled 2014. May you find yourselves enveloped by hope and light and dreams that inspire your will to create your unique blogs.