Blog of the Year? No Way! It’s Sweet to be Nominated, Though.

I was quite honored this morning when I saw that I had been nominated by Totalovrdose for the Blog of the Year Award. Thank you, Kiddo! If all guys wrote like you do, love would endure all storms throughout eternity. I believe he’s single, ladies, so march over there and swoon! Please, in all seriousness, check out Totalovrdose’s blog!

Like all blog awards there’s some rules, so pay attention:

One – select the blogs you believe are deserving of the nomination

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Three – Let the blogs know they have been nominated, and the rules involved in accepting the award

Four – Come over and say ‘hello’ to the promulgator (that from Totalovrdose, and it means publisher, for those who want to add some fancy words to their vocabulary!) of the Blog of the Year award at this link:

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Six – Lastly, link back to the blog that nominated you and (in the words of the rules) proudly display the award for all to see and start gathering stars! Yes, stars! Each time you are nominated for the award you gain another star. There are six to collect. This reminds me of the toys in the cereal boxes when I was a kid! Collect all six!

Below are my nominations for the award : Yup, I’m nominating the one who nominated me! He’s that good. I don ‘t give praise for praise’s sake. I’m from New Jersey. We’re not one’s to sling the bullpoop.

There are two reasons I nominated just these 5 blogs, and it’s because, firstly, the people behind the blogs. They have seen me bleed out my heart and soul here, and in the days and nights where life was being a little unpleasant for me, these 5 people have made me smile. Please read and enjoy their blogs as much as I have and will continue to do. And secondly, their blogs have made me want to improve as a writer. The personal touches that each of these 5 bloggers put into their blogs, I have found unique and as precious as the breath of life itself.

Additionally, there are other bloggers who have commented on some of my work that I began to feel a sense of community here on WordPress. I thank all of you for sharing your thoughts. I wish you all a joyful holiday season and a happy and healthy, peace-filled 2014. May you find yourselves enveloped by hope and light and dreams that inspire your will to create your unique blogs.


30 thoughts on “Blog of the Year? No Way! It’s Sweet to be Nominated, Though.

  1. Congratulations again on the award ma’am.
    ‘March over there and swoon’? Wow, I am at a loss for words. Your complimentary comments and PR skills make those relationship sites that help people acquire dates appear useless by comparison.
    Additionally, thank you on the award nomination; it’s incredibly sweet. I think you are far too generous with your opinions on my writing, but I’m glad that you enjoy the pieces I have orchestrated. Thank you again; I truly appreciate it!

  2. Your words show the sincerity of your heart and any woman would fall enamored with you for writing poems as you do for them. Thanks for the chuckle about my PR skills. Kiddo, you don’t need my help there, as your poetry speaks volumes about you.
    Thank you for nominating me and in that I returned the praise for you are such a gentle soul and it shows in your blog.

  3. Hello Eva dear,

    Congratulations on the nomination :-).

    Ever since you returned to regular blogging, I’ve seen a tremendous change in the style and quality of your writing, which were already impressive to begin with. Your poetry continues to be full of living (and lived) experiences and emotions. Truly, you’re well deserving of the Blog of the Year 2013 award.

    ‘totalovrdose’ whom you affectionately refer to as ‘kiddo’ has keen eyes 🙂

    Thank you also for thinking of me. Yes, I’ll not be following this through but shall graciously accept and bow to this recognition from a true friend and supporter 🙂

    All the very best and here’s to another year of blogging,

  4. Its always nice to read your words ma’am. The faith you have in me is astounding, and I really appreciate your generous, kind words. Thank you again for the nomination.

  5. Your blog is rich with feeling and I cannot say how much I admire how you pour your heart and soul into your poetry. Any poem about love I write is an expression of that which slipped away. I recognize your words as being what mine should have been, but that love thing, I’d always second guess. So in reading yours, no matter how self-depreciated you seem, it’s the love so ripe that I never held or truly sunk my teeth into that you’ve got in spades.

  6. Thank you ma’am. Again you bless me with words of unfathomable kindness.
    Furthermore, you stipulate how you write about what you lost, but often your writing seems rooted in the present, and the ideologies on romance seem just as realistic as oxygen. From where I am sitting, it almost sounds as though you are unable to foresee a future in which you will have love again. If this interpretation is inaccurate my apologies for my misconception, however if I am true, allow me to say (or write as the case is), from what I can tell, any man would be lucky to have you as their paramour.
    I really appreciate how quick you are to provide complimentary feedback, however I hope you don’t forget about yourself in the process.

  7. You are right. I cannot even imagine love in my future, as it seems as though love cannot survive with me in it. I have been hurt in the most cruel ways in my past that I have no hope for something so sacred to find me let alone sustain an eternity with me. I’m either too old or too jaded? Some of what I write is out of memories that I cannot remain tethered to or I risk losing my mind. What I read of you is someone who has the world at his feet and I wish to roll out the red carpet and give you the proper shoes for your journey. My praise is real and I thank you for being so kind to me.

  8. I really appreciate your praise ma’am.
    ‘Too old’? Doubt that ma’am, and I think we’re all a little jaded. I think it all comes down to choices and decisions, and although we are forged by the memories of our past, no matter how horrific (and again I am sorry for the pain that has been dealt to you) our past does not necessarily dictate the terms of our future.

  9. I think you’re an incredible guy. As much as it seems right that the past may not necessarily dictate our future, it’s a real scary deterrent for any hopes and dreams. Luck comes in one size for for me – bad. I still manage a smile and giggle, but I, as you, would like to do so more often and with someone who’d protect my heart, always. I’d settle for undying friendship! Love, it avoids me and it could be for the best. Now, how do I wake those Australian women up? You’re someone not to be dismissed, ever.

  10. I think this is a little ironic. You and I keep providing complimentary comments about one another’s work and general character, and although it seems we are very appreciative of the opinions that we each hold, we seem to be unable to comprehend that the future holds a positive resolution.
    Undying friendship is nice, but, in my opinion, it does not matter how many friends or family members a person has to support them; as soon as your heart is open to a potential paramour, the absence of a romantic relationship weighs heavily.
    I do presume the benefit of not having love is the absence of the pain that comes from a lover leaving.
    I appreciate your opinion that I ought not to be dismissed – that’s very sweet of you ma’am. I don’t think they are ever going to ‘wake up’ per se, I just think that perhaps I’m not what Australian women are looking for. I have in the past dated, but if I’m being honest, I have never dated an Australian woman before, so, maybe it’s just not meant to be…
    I hope that bad luck of yours starts running good soon! A person such as yourself does not deserve sadness or pain. I have faith something great will happen eventually.

  11. Um, you’ve dated foreigners who moved to Australia or did a long distance thingy?
    If I ever get over there I’m going to have to turn up the heat on my New Jersey attitude. Those women need to be smacked into reality. You’re a gem.
    We will never see what others may see for us, maybe we’re our own worst enemies? For you, the world awaits. For me it’s all but stopped turning.
    It’s 12:48 am here and I’ll be awake in 6 hours, so goodnight, although it’s likely afternoon there.

  12. Yes, my last girlfriend was a Canadian who moved to Australia.
    I agree with you – perhaps we have negative interpretations of ourselves, and the only way to see the good is for others to see it for us; to be the mirrors of the world reflecting us onto ourselves.
    The comment where you stipulate the world has stopped turning for you, that sounds kind of infinite in its ideology…you’re still alive right? You breathe air; you eat food; if you are alive you should live, and as long as you are happy, or even partially happy ma’am, that is all that matters.
    Again, thank you for your compliments (turn up the heat on your New Jersey attitude – lol!), and good luck ma’am! Judging by your clock I’m guessing it’s about morning there right now, so, good morning ma’am! Have a pleasant day.

  13. Canadians are really nice. That’s the reputation they have here in America. I have a Canadian friend on Facebook and he’s really sweet and I probably shock him with my sense of humor, potty mouth, and New Jersey attitude.
    Are you shy? That could be why women don’t flock to you because shyness looks like aloofness. Been there! I tend to be shy. I bet your accent was one thing the girl from Canada liked about you. The Australian accent is like a mix of British, Boston (America) and Southern (America) accents, to me. It’s cool!
    Mirrors of the world reflecting us onto ourselves- nice. If only it could be that way.
    How it feels, that the world seemingly left me here alone, has been years in the making. I still manage to smile and laugh sometimes. I’m a little jaded from being lied to and cheated on.
    I mean all that I say about you and your writing!
    Have a great night’s sleep!

  14. My last girlfriend had depression, just as I do, so I think one of the influencing factors was that we were able to, on some level, understand each other’s mental health.
    Yeah, although I would rather not admit it, I guess I am kind of shy. I know that women like confident blokes and shyness clearly would act like a deterrent. On better days I can even be anti-social, anxious and morbidly depressed, so combined, I would assume that certain aspects of my, I guess, condition, could generally get in the way of me properly forging a relationship.
    I personally have never been cheated on ma’am, so I do not personally understand how painful that must have been to experience. However, just because there was a worm in one piece of fruit does not necessarily mean that all of the apples in the barrel are contaminated.
    It’s nice that you can still manage a smile and a laugh. The attitude you express online seems very lively and opinionated, and if you are like this outside of social media, I cannot image you being ‘shy’ at all!
    Thank you again for your compliment with regards to my writing. You’re an amazing writer yourself ma’am; I hope you realise that.
    Have a great day!

  15. Your condition should not make you repel women. If any woman had an inkling of care in her heart, she’d want to be with you to just let you know any at all time you need her, she is there for you. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to think it’s human nature to want to nurture another’s heat, soul, and mind.
    I am a bit shy and my attitude only sparks up in cases where someone is doing wrong to me or another. Mostly, I’m a quiet, peaceful person.
    I thank you for you compliment as well xx

  16. Your ideologies and opinions are your prerogative ma’am, and I enjoy your positive optimism, but I am going to humbly disagree, because from personal experience, I do not entirely believe this to be true, although I would very much like to believe that somewhere this is indeed a possibility.
    On a side note,I do agree that you do seem very peaceful. 😀

  17. Congrats and of course, thank you for the nomination, I appreciate it very much. I’m always happy if my random musing put a smile on your face. I shall of course be keeping up with your writings of which I like very much.

  18. Your blog is very unique compared to other book review blogs I have seen. Your quirkiness makes me smile and sometimes you’ll flat out make me laugh. Keep up the great work and thanks for the compliment!

  19. I am glad I can amuse you, I never expected such praise when I started so it is wonderful that you would say these words. They have put a smile on my face. I still think I was dropped on my head as a baby and that’s why I write as I do, ha!

  20. LOL I think a lot of people feel they, too, were dropped. I swear I was born under a dark star. At least we embrace our quirks. You write quite well and your sense of humor makes you likable and relatable.

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