White Veil

Memories fill the mind,
Yet cast an empty shadow of what used to be upon the soul

Love’s end is so unkind,
And in the loneliness there is solitude, but weakness takes it toll

Dreaming at night,
Reliving the moments, but never truly knowing where they go

Hiding in plain sight,
The in-between, hoping, never gauging, what time would bestow

Washed away in a storm of tears,
The moments of love grow cold with a distance we can map out

Its stretchy fogginess adheres,
And in the cold mist of a memory, I know what heartache is all about

21 thoughts on “White Veil

  1. It’ll stop someday. The shame of what he did, of what people think about me, what a fool I was. I’ll be happy again. Being in love is so much fun and I hope to be there someday.
    Thank you for the comment.

  2. You took us down the path adorned with your words and finally revealed the intent – “I know what heartache is all about”

    Very well rounded off 🙂


  3. Bleakness is bad…but the sun always ends up shining through, we loyal readers shall weather the storm with you until those clouds part.

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