Farewell, Astraeus and Eos

I scooped up a handful of forever
On the pink Bermuda sand
And from the confines of time, I endeavor
To break free like the grains in my hand

Falling against me as the ocean breeze exhales
A warm mist of a memory from when you were mine
The day fades and the golden sun pales
As I am born again amongst the scintillating star shine

I’m drawn to the depths of night
From our forever of the deep blue sea
In the heavens like a wondrous sight
Should you change your mind and still love me


17 thoughts on “Farewell, Astraeus and Eos

  1. A walk on the beaches of Bermuda – with setting sun as backdrop and hand-in-hand – such are the dreams of lovers.

    There’s someone looking for you and one day – inshallah – he’ll find you.


  2. If I had to pick out a stand out line…and I have it is ‘Falling against me as the ocean breeze exhales’. That is wonderfully evocative, the rest of your words aren’t bad either!

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