Echo and Narcissus

Your sobs spill beyond the river of pain,
Flowing directly to my heart
I send them back, but not in disdain
My very essence shatters apart

I suffer in silence waiting for a return
Your torment is mine while our lives drift us away
Broken eternally, what a lesson to learn
Love unravelled like a knit sweater on that cold day

Far off in the distance where memories fade out
I cannot comfort you during this heartache that has begun
Reaching afar, the air between us casts doubt
Hopelessly escaping the warm rays of the sun


19 thoughts on “Echo and Narcissus

  1. You certainly render emotions impeccably…and on the back of that it may seem a somewhat awkward juxtaposition but Merry Christmas to you and the family.

  2. I loved reading in between the lines and the shadows of the trees in this poem – wonderful beyond words.

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