Goat on a Mountain

Goat on a Mountain

The clouds suddenly barricade the rays of the sun
In essence, it’s embrace feels receded in this cycle that’s begun
I climb to the place beyond the gray
For a glimpse of the glow where saints pray
Before the wanton ways of men spill my screams
Soft and unbroken, hitherto, with hope and light and dreams

35 thoughts on “Goat on a Mountain

  1. ‘the glow where the saints pray’…love that line, your imagery tends to transcend what I expect when I start to read. Bad weather recedes…that is the good thing about it.

  2. Thank you. I am working on it. I think the way I am, self-doubting, is part and parcel with the bit of shyness that’s remained throughout my life. The poem kind of happened after seeing a piece on tv about how cashmere is made, and being the wool comes from goats, and I am a Capricorn, it kind of lit a funny little spark in my brain, I suppose…and my thoughts went with the goat and me.

  3. This a testament about rising above the suffocating embraces of despair and disappointment. May your days be full of peaks of joy and strength.

    Luv, light and happiness,

  4. it is awesome when a couple of random things connect and inspiration pours forth! you may be Miss Self Doubt but you are an assured writer and of that there is no doubt!

  5. Yes, I think next year will be a good year with a more self assured nature and possibly a touch more in the area of coconuts and fishing nets…which would make life more interesting.

  6. Same here with my lack of wonga…I suggest, renting Hook, getting Treasure Island from the library and using your imagination instead of a loan. I really need to get me a job!

  7. Beautiful – stick it to your fridge and read it each morning to remember how you felt when you wrote it 😀 (works sometimes 😉 May you continue to write such beauty in the coming new year.

  8. Motivation would have to come in the form of lots of dry ice and coloured liquids in oddly shaped tubes…I like to be very cliché in my work.

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