Archimedes War Machine

Sovereign child, you reign as the darling devil
A whirlwind of zest hoisting above my calm
You throw the smarts beyond my level
Where each day reads like a brand-new psalm

It is said that simplicity lies in the truth
And your truth dissolves me into infinity
Where the sweat of life pours like vermouth
And your laughter commands a solemn divinity

You found a way to outshine the sun
And gleam through my darkest days
With curious eyes on a hunt for fun
Your perpetual fire was set to amaze

Harness the power you willfully hold
And never let the reins fall
Coyly majestic and delicately bold
You are my daughter, after all

Sirius Rising

A crack in the sky
The doorway through which I travel
Seemingly as mild as a sigh
But in that breath our truth will unravel
I watch you from my perch with the other stars
Ten thousand times I’ve kissed your lips
I dry your tears and fade your scars
Skywrite your name with my fingertips
Born to be inspiring
I reach beyond the hands of time
Where our love story is transpiring
And a clock is about to chime
You’ll wake from a distant dream
As I’m still so far away
This morning star will gleam
Guiding you to a better day

My Birthday is January 15th

This Wednesday is the day. Stop by and say hi. I’m a little down and could use some good cheer. The cheater’s concubine blames me for their problems, says he who should be castrated. He says she is jealous of me. He’s asked me to close my facebook and twitter accounts because my pictures cause her to spiral out of control. Sorry, but anyone who is jealous or whatever of me has to know I’m a quiet, shy, keep-to-myself girl who doesn’t like games and drama. My photos, my accounts, shouldn’t even be viewed by either of those two. Yet, I let it get to me and cry myself to sleep. Ugh. Anyway, karma seems to have avoided them. So, wish me well. Thank you.

Update: Sorry I haven’t commented/visited many blogs. Just been very down lately. I will catch up!

Happy Birthday, Brother

The light eludes my every hour
And I can’t pray to be saved
Time has lost its worth and power
It, too, has not behaved
Glory be to the father
His son shines bright in his heart
Divine without a bother
I suffer alone, worlds apart
I won’t pray to be saved
Most days are spent in darkness
My rights have been waived
I scoff at the sun’s starkness
Born to be forgotten
Along with time, I fade away
Seemingly not begotten
As the son we celebrate today