Happy Birthday, Brother

The light eludes my every hour
And I can’t pray to be saved
Time has lost its worth and power
It, too, has not behaved
Glory be to the father
His son shines bright in his heart
Divine without a bother
I suffer alone, worlds apart
I won’t pray to be saved
Most days are spent in darkness
My rights have been waived
I scoff at the sun’s starkness
Born to be forgotten
Along with time, I fade away
Seemingly not begotten
As the son we celebrate today

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Brother

  1. Not really. Yours is very well-written, but on a different subject. The brother I speak of is not Jesus. The father is not God. Today is my brother’s birthday. Always the favorite child.

  2. Thank you. It’s been tough. My folks fawn all over my brother, and it was his birthday on Friday, blah. My birthday is in 2 days, this wednesday. Not being the favorite child still irks me, even as an adult. The self-confidence will rise again…I hope!

  3. I can’t understand parents playing favourites.

    Lisa and I love and treat our three children equally well. After all, children are God’s Gifts and we, mere custodians who carry this heavy responsibility and with great pleasure too, I add.

    Much luv and hugz coming your way from your friend here in Singapore,

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